Cast of Characters

The Chez Violence Home for Wayward Knitting Props has a new resident. It started with Alphonse.  Then he was joined by Percival. These two hard working gentlemen have now been joined by Millicent. I think I've mentioned (and I'm sure you've seen in the odd picture here and there) that I have giant man hands.  I just do.  And I don't really mind (which is good because there's not much I can do about it). For most things, Percival works great.  But he is actually a bit bigger than my hand, so if I'm doing something fairly close fitting (or [...]

September 13, 2011|

New Friend

You all know Alphonse by now.  He has proven himself an exceptionally helpful house guest.  Since things worked out so well with him, I have decided to take on another boarder. Please meet Percival. According to the seller, Percival is a vintage unglazed porcelain rubber glove form. I'm imagining some sort of assembly line with hundreds of them hanging from belts and getting dipped in vats of molten rubber.  I have no idea if this is at all accurate, but it's an interesting visual.  Don't spoil it for me if I'm wrong. I intend to put Percival to work modeling [...]

May 7, 2011|

Pleased to Meet You

Meet Alphonse.  He's my new toy prop. He is a perfect example of the odd encounters that this knitting thing can lead to. I found him on an online antique store.  I sent off a little email to the store asking what size his head was.  Instead of just answering me, the shop wrote back asking why on earth that would matter.  They went to great length to explain that this was a prop.  It was meant for display.  It was absolutely positively not for real hats. I (graciously I hope) explained that I wanted him to be a working [...]

February 23, 2011|
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