Helpful…or Overkill

Alright folks, polling the collective again.  Say you were looking at a knitting pattern (so out of character I know), would you rather see: Shown in: So-Soft DK by Handwerks in the color Lemongrass, size medium. Or do you prefer the rather wordier: Shown in: So-Soft DK by Handwerks in the color Lemongrass. Shown in size medium, which used about 130 yards. One (230 yard) skein will likely make any of the listed sizes if the mitt doesn't reach beyond the forearm. This is for patterns for the book (ie not a stand alone downloadable pattern) if that matters.

August 13, 2011|

Knitter’s Choice

I feel like I have been slacking.  This is actually a pretty ridiculous way to feel.  I've turned 51 patterns in the last two (and a bit) years.  That's a rate of aaaaalmost two patterns a month, which isn't exactly slow.  And of course that's only counting the patterns that are out.  I've got quite a few lined up and waiting to make their appearance in one form or another.  But it's been an unusually long time since I put out a pattern, and it's bugging me.  This isn't for any lack of patterns to hand.  I have two all [...]

May 18, 2011|

Discretion vs Shameless Over Sharing

I'm struggling with a bit of a question. I'm trying to find the right balance with sharing things on this site. Now don't worry, I'm not considering sharing the details of my digestion or my marriage or my finances. I am old enough (and possessed of a Victorian enough mindset) that I am not tempted to share those sorts of details with you. The things I'm talking about are all reassuringly knitting-related.  They have to do with Book the Second. It's more or less taken over every free minute of my life (and more than a few minutes that really [...]

April 6, 2011|

Q and A

So I've been just thrilled by the response I've gotten to the patterns I've made available for sale.  Seriously, thrilled.  The Boy can attest to the rather ridiculous happy dance and squee of glee that accompanies most checks of my sales and website statistics.  More people have bought my patterns than I ever thought possible, and I appreciate each and every one of those purchases. So far, I've been successful enough to more than pay for my classes at Sock Summit.  With a bit of luck (and the release of a few more patterns) I might just make enough to [...]

June 22, 2009|

Just How Much do You Like it?

So, the Pedigreed socks are a bit of a challenge.  They will be mirror images of each other and feature four different cable patterns and a wrap around rib.  They're fun to knit, but they are not an entirely simple undertaking.  I actually rather like my socks to be challenging, but I've learned something.  The socks that are tricky to knit are also, not surprisingly, tricky to write up. The pattern for these would be by far my most complicated yet.  It would need 8 charts, 6 of them full-page affairs.  The written text would take several pages.  The whole [...]

May 13, 2009|
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