Scatterling (plus giveaway)

Sometimes, you just want a big cable.  A big, bold cable that knows who's in charge and isn't afraid to boss you around a little bit.  Scatterling fits the bill, and I'm delighted to have them back out. These are one of the very few projects I've ever knit twice.  I made the first pair for my grandfather way back in 2009.  Then I made a second pair for the initial pattern release in 2010.  There's just something about the big cables that sweet talked me into being willing to do them again.  (Someone else was kind enough to make [...]

September 15, 2015|


The lovely folks over at Knit Circus were kind enough to say charming things about Silk Road Socks in their most recent issue.  I'm totally blushing.  I love what Knit Circus is doing (I released Scatterling through them last summer).  This is their seventh online issue (they started as a print magazine, but transitioned to an online format last Spring).  They do a fabulous job of taking advantage of the opportunities of an online format (links, videos, easy searching) while still maintaining the feel of a traditional print magazine by providing lots of articles and interviews.  If they're not already [...]

May 5, 2011|

Scatterling, part the second

Just a quick update.  Back in May, I mentioned that the pattern for Scatterling was up over at Knitcircus.  Their 3 month term over there is up (the new fall issue should be out any day), so now they're available here.   They're a nice versatile (unisex and stretchy) sock written in 2 sizes.  Perhaps they'd be a good start to your <whisper>Christmas knitting</whisper>? Also, thanks to everyone who voted in the SKA poll.  I'm going to be the designer for October.  That's a bit before the book comes out, but I'm going to see if I can't come up [...]

August 2, 2010|


As promised, the newest pattern is up! Actually, calling them new might be a tiny bit of a fib.  Remember the socks I made for my grandfather's birthday back in November?  These are a slightly remixed version of those (making them one of about three patterns I've been able to knit twice).  I've managed to (more or less) keep quiet about them over the last few months.  They did make one quick appearance when we went to Hershey, PA for New Year's Eve (they're chocolate colored after all), but they've otherwise stayed hidden away. I'm unreasonably pleased with them.  They're [...]

May 1, 2010|
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