Xanthophyll socks are live, and the pattern is here! To celebrate their release, the folks at Shalimar Yarns have kindly offered to donate a skein of the lovely Zoe Sock yarn I used to make them to one lucky reader. To have a chance to win, just go over to their website, find your favorite color of the Zoe Sock yarn, and leave the name of it in the comments.  You can leave other stuff too of course (I find reading comments strangely entertaining) but you have to leave a color name to win.  I'll leave the comments open until [...]

September 25, 2009|

The Sun Will Come Out…

Or rather The Boy will come home while the sun has come out. For that unusual confluence of events is really all that is standing in the way of releasing the Xanthophyll socks. They'll be out tomorrow morning! Just as exciting, the marvelous folks over at Shalimar Yarns have agreed to donate a skein of the Zoe Sock in Sapote (the yarn I used to make the socks) to a lucky reader. I'll post the details tomorrow, but it will be another of the 'leave a comment, get a chance to win' sort of things. The next release will be [...]

September 24, 2009|


The last few days have seen lots of knitting and lots of testing but little actual tangible progress.  The Slalom mitts are finished, the pattern is tested, and I will take pictures and release the pattern as soon as the sun comes out.  The Xanthophyll socks are in a similar state, though their release requires (the much more daunting task of) getting The Boy home and in them during daylight hours.  Both should likely go live sometime later this week. I will be doing another yarn giveaway with the release of Xanthophyll, this time in conjunction with Shalimar Yarns who [...]

September 21, 2009|

Now with More Knitting

It has been a shamefully long time since I put up a picture of a new knitting project.  So, without further ado, the newest socks: They are called Xanthophyll and are knit with the lovely Zoe Sock from Shalimar Yarns in the color Sapote.  This is one of the yarns I got at Sock Summit in exchange for a design.  Zoe is a nice crisp merino and is a treat to work with.  The skein has a generous 450 yards, and yellow is The Boy's favorite color, so it seemed obvious that this yarn should turn into socks for him.  [...]

September 7, 2009|
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