How Very Odd

Every now and then, I find myself strolling through the Library of Congress' webpage.  These things happen, it's perfectly normal.  (It's actually their flickr page you have to watch out for, it's easy to get sucked in and find you've lost an hour).  Sometimes, on these little strolls, I come across the oddest things.  The current holder of the coveted 'strangest thing to date' title is this picture. Twenty bonus points to whoever provides the best caption!

November 23, 2013|

Knitting Props En Masse

The image collections on the Library of Congress' website are an endless source of entertainment.  And, just as important, I can convince myself they're educational (as opposed to the collections of adorable baby animals or kittens doing amusing things that also seem to flourish on the internet, which are also a source of endless entertainment, but likely not at all educational).  I stumbled across this one and thought I'd share it. It's listed as being sock dryers at the Union Point hosiery mill in Greene County, Georgia and was taken in the fall of 1941 by Jack Delano as part [...]

April 5, 2012|


Last post I promise actual wool.  But today is my birthday and I'm going to be exactly as lazy as I want to be (hint: very).  That means a short blog post, a breakfast featuring chocolate chip waffles made by someone else, some ridiculously simple yet oddly entrancing knitting, an awful lot of board games, and absolutely no chance of getting out of my pajamas. Oh, it also means that there's a wee tiny sale.  Today and tomorrow (through 11:59pm eastern time December 24th), buy one pattern get one free (everything except the books).  To take advantage: 1) Visit [...]

December 23, 2011|

Dropped Stitch

I'm still being a totally lazy blogger and taking advantage of the cleverness of someone in the past to prevent the dreaded holiday silence.  I am getting a bit of knitting done, but I can't show you.  I'm swatching for something I want to submit somewhere (how's that for specific), and it must remain hush hush for now.  But the spiky sock is also making progress and should be up for testing soon.

December 22, 2011|

Really the Only Time

You'll pardon me if I use the next few days to share some charming vintage images I stumbled across.  And also use them to nap.  And pet kittens.  And perhaps nap a bit more.  And cook and eat tasty things.  And otherwise laze about shamelessly.  As usual, click to embiggen.

December 21, 2011|
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