Published On: January 17, 2023

As promised, Dispatch is back! You can find it on ravelry or payhip.

And just before anyone has a chance to ask, yes they open and close, yes you can put things in them! I mean you should know me well enough by now to know I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like that! Love notes, gift cards, baby teeth, you know better than I do the sort of nonsense you could get up to with a tiny envelope (though I’d love to hear what you come up with)!

The code NOTE will take 15% off Dispatch between now and Friday January 20, 2023. Though if you’re on the mailing list or patreon, do check your email, because you’ve got something waiting for you there you’ll want to see first.

That code might just also haaaaaappen to work on Palpitation (the wee little hearts below), should you be feeling a sudden urge to pair your adorable envelopes with some equally adorable hearts. Because I’ve heard a rumor these things end to happen. From time to time. Among certain susceptible individuals . (Cough…me…it’s me. I’m the one unable to refrain from putting them together, but I suspect I can’t be the only one.)

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