Told ya
Published On: March 2, 2023

I mean I did tell you this was going to be nifty. ⁠

The hats and I are heading back to the beach for photos, round two, now with embroidery. And then at some point in the not too distant future (by which I mean probably next week, but I am for sure committing to anything, because of the aforementioned panic at the thought of saying one thing and then life intervening in such a way that said thing is no longer actually achievable), the pattern should be ready.⁠

I’ll lay out the plan for the pattern shortly. I’m doing things a little differently than usual (this is an older pattern I’m bringing back, which means I feel this marvelous freedom to sort of flail about and do whatever amuses me with it because sure why not), but I think it will be fun!

But I will say that, if you want it, you should be damn sure you’re on the mailing list or patreon before it comes out. I have a feeling it will be landing in inboxes next week. You know how this works. You’ve been on the internet before. You’re cool like that.

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