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Wanna see The Single Most Disappointing behind the scenes photo ever? I mean I'm assuming yes, because people are like that... So the stars? The stars that look achingly beautiful and downright ethereal and almost enchanted once you have them in the window with the light of a brilliant winter sunset streaming through them? The stars that can, through nothing more than geometry and light, make midafternoon sunsets almost bearable? The stars that soothe my very soul with the power of tidiness and order? Yeah...you wanna see how I took photographs of those delicate little slips of joy? Because it's [...]

November 21, 2022|

Ew. Feelings. Gross.

So I'm loving having a smaller catalog. It's doing exactly what I'd hoped. I'm So Much Less Overwhelmed! However...⁠ I've heard from lots of you that there are things you want to make & can't because the patterns aren't available. And that gives me the weirdest mix of lovely feelings (aww, you like it, thank you!) & squishy ones (I'm so sorry, but I just cannot go back to having them all available all the time!). So I've been trying to find a balance.⁠ I'd more or less decided that I'd pick a few days a year where I made [...]

November 20, 2022|


Yeeeeeah, so you know how one project sometimes gives you An Idea and turns into a whole new project? Even if you didn't exactly mean for it to? Even if you weren't precisely ready for a new project? Yeah. About that... These kind of need a swatch (look, I'm sorry, but you have to know your gauge if you want something to come out a specific size, that's just how it works). But once I realized, I kind of accidentally had an idea for something to do with the swatch that is both thematically appropriate and unspeakably adorable. Now, whether [...]

November 19, 2022|

Last call for kits!

Last call for kits! The preorder for the amazing kits that Little Skein Anne put together for Bookmarked is ending this weekend. If you find yourself desperate to make a tiny knitted book (fair, fair, who among us has not felt the urge) but slightly leery of tracking down all the bits and pieces you need to make them (I mean it's not that hard, but also we're all kinda overwhelmed right now, and maybe that's just one thing too many), the kits are just what you're looking for. Or, if you're like me, and you have a frankly alarming [...]

November 18, 2022|


Ok, tell me what you want to know about the stars! I've been writing knitting patterns long enough that I pretty much know where all the questions will be on those. But the stars are a slightly different thing (amazing how many of the pattern writing skills translate right over though, instructions are instructions no matter what you're making), and I want to make sure I answer any common questions.⁠ I've already got sections on supplies/materials (check out yesterday's post if you want links to the paper and other things I use in mine), general folding tips, putting them together, [...]

November 17, 2022|

Star Stuff

The star book is just about ready! But I suspect a few of you may want to have your supplies ready when it comes out, so I wanted to do a quick run down of the things I use to make my stars. Paper The paper you use for these really matters. It needs to be translucent (so light can shine through it and show off all the layers). It needs to be lightweight (so you can fold it several times without it becoming too thick to work with). And it needs to hold a crisp fold (so your star [...]

November 16, 2022|

Almost done!

The star book is juuuuuust about done! I spent yesterday afternoon outside getting pictures (they require the sun to be both bright and low in the sky, which happens for about 20 minutes on November afternoons in Maine, so it requires precision timing). The plan is for the book to come out at the very end of November. Anyone who is a patron at one of the levels where you get stuff (so that's the Utter, Rampant, or Complete Nonsense tiers) at any point from when it comes out until the end of January, 2023 will be able to download [...]

November 15, 2022|

Sneaky Plan

The Sneaky plan is nearing completion. By which I mean all the components are knit, and blocked, and the ends woven in. And the pattern parts are written. And the scheming part is done (mostly...sometimes a scheme appears out of the blue and catches you by surprise and you have to run with it). All I need now is the right weather for pictures, and I'll be good to go (it rained all weekend and now it's blazing sun, neither of which are great for photos, but some time this week the weather is bound to behave, I just have [...]

November 14, 2022|

There was a plan

So there was this whole plan whereby I was supposed to take pictures of those two baby hats you've been seeing around these parts on Friday. And then that didn't end up happening for a variety of good and valid reasons. Which in turn meant that I had time yesterday to sort of bang out a third one real quick. So now I have three baby hats. And a new plan. More or less. Now, if we can just get a nice overcast day so I can get outside and take, well, a whole bunch of pictures, I can bring [...]

November 13, 2022|
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