Fit of pique

Despite several hours of trying to create more fabric through just the power of my brain, more fabric failed to materialize. So I switched to creating more fabric with my hands. Which worked better. I remain, however, completely unsure as to whether the yarn is too busy for this pattern. It got better as I went along (and the back side is all stockinette, which calms things down a bit more), but it's still a liiiiiiittle too...something. But I'm more than half way through (it's a hat, it's not a big project), and if I knit any more fabric to [...]

April 4, 2024|

Questionable Nonsense

I do a bit of housekeeping every month (to remind folks what’s about to rotate off patreon and to show off what’s coming next), and to keep those posts from being dreadfully boring, I’m combining them with a monthly advice column/Q&A session (aka an excuse to ask what folks are wondering about and then info dump on some of my favorite topics). I asked for your sock questions and wow do y'all have a lot of feelings about sock heels. So this time I'm talking about why not-so-secretly feel like top down socks with a heel flap are the very [...]

April 3, 2024|

Either Or

I am...unsure of this. Either it will be lovely once I get a little further along (this is the most likely outcome, and I shall keep telling myself this, quite firmly, as often as needed). Or the yarn is just a hair too busy for the pattern (I always always always think this at this stage, it is rarely true). And the only way to know is, alas, to keep knitting. Please reassure me, either with tales of busy yarns that calmed down when you got a bit more knitting done, or with tales of projects that were much better [...]

April 2, 2024|

No Fooling

Though largely immune to the charms of April Fools' Day, I do make one exception. The tinier bits of nonsense are half off, but just for today (oh and a couple of my favorite retired tiny bits miiiiiight also have come back for the occasion, also just for today). There is, alas, not a super great way to link you to all of them in one place.* But if you wander over to ravelry or payhip, I suspect you'll be able to figure it out! Use NO FOOLING in either place. It'll work through the end of the day (today, [...]

April 1, 2024|


Ya know how I'm always saying my brain loves to find something fun and then just keep exploring it for as long as I can? Yeah, I suspect Woolly Wormhead's brain might work like that too! They've been playing with short row colorwork for quite some time, and now it's your turn! Their new book, Short-Row Colorwork Knitting: the Definitive Step-by-Step Guide is out coming out in April. Projects like this are exactly what happen when you let brains like ours run off and play for a while, and I'm delighted to have had a chance to look at an [...]

March 30, 2024|


Ok, which one do we like best? The first one is one embroidery option, the second is the same pattern (in a different color of yarn) with a second embroidery option, and the third one is the first hat before I got my filthy hands all over it and doodled it into oblivion. I don't think I ever told you the story of these. A while ago Little Skein Anne and I were talking about doing a project together (because Anne is a delight and one of the few people I'm always happy to play with), and I said I'd [...]

March 28, 2024|

Draw on it

Same hat, just adorned two different ways! Because really that's the fun of duplicate stitch. You can just pick a line in your knitting and draw on it. And oh, oh there are lots of different lines to pick, especially on a hat like this. And that's what the expansion pack for it is all about! ⁠ The Penchant Expansion Pack walks you through two versions of this hat, then gets into an extensive discussion of duplicate stitch (so you'll be able to either decorate or mend whatever knits you want), and finishes off with six different ways to scribble [...]

March 27, 2024|

Penchant Expansion Pack

The Expansion Pack for Penchant is out, and this is a little different from what we usually do, so read on for details! We all know I'm bad at restraint. I like versions and options and exploring things in depth. It's how I'm wired. So it makes sense that something that started with one hat quickly turned into two. And then those two hats somehow seemed like the absolutely perfect place to spend some time playing with duplicate stitch. So I did! The hat pattern came out last year, but the primer on duplicate stitch was only for patrons. But [...]

March 26, 2024|

Have a word

Which one of you was in charge of telling me how much fun helix knitting is? We need to have a word. Because while I appreciate that you did eventually get the message to me, I must say that I wish you'd done it a tiny bit quicker. This is NIFTY. Nifty and tidy. Nifty and tidy and easy. And really, that's a great combo. (Yarns are all Seven Sisters Arts' magic, floofy laceweight held double with smoother things, and I love you all dearly but I am not burrowing through the label pile to figure out what right's [...]

March 25, 2024|
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