Patrons at any level get this pattern for free as part of their membership, and they get a bunch of other patterns too! Here’s a preview of the free patterns you get a the Sheer Nonsense level ($3), the Utter Nonsense level ($6), and Rampant Nonsense level ($12). So here’s the thing—I don’t wear shawls. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect and admiration for people who do (well, respect, admiration, and possibly just a little bit of envy). But I currently lack the requisite poise to pull them off. But there’s something so undeniably appealing about a little bit of lacy fluff I can casually pull around myself for fortification when the weather or the world demand it. And I don’t want to deny myself that, even if I can’t quite manage the shawl version. So cowls seem like the natural way to solve this problem. This one uses my favorite shape. It’s broad at the bottom, so it settles nicely on your shoulders, and narrows towards the top, so you’re not drowning in extra fabric up by your face. All the decreases are tucked cleverly away inside the lace pattern, which is both satisfyingly tidy and means you can stop the cowl at a couple of different points to control how tall it is. And, at least for me, it satisfies that the secret longing that burns deep in my soul without requiring me to somehow manage to become the sort of person who can manage to wear a shawl. Perhaps it will do the same for you!  
July 27, 2023|
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