Grand Indeed

This past weekend found me at the Grand Opening of the Bare Naked Wools Boutique.  The marvelous Anne Hanson has been making wonderfully interesting, amazingly knitterly yarns for a while now, and now there is finally a place to visit them all in one place.  In addition to all the marvelous yarns, you'll also see lots of samples of Anne's patterns to pet and a few carefully chose buttons, tools, an other goodies to complement your knitting.  I may possibly have had a skein or two of the delightful Cabécou Sport follow me home.  My gray front porch on this [...]

September 30, 2014|

Bare Naked Wools Grand Opening

You know how my normal tendency is to hide at home?  Safely tucked away, snuggly in my pajamas, with a cup of tea at the ready?  Well, the delightful Anne Hanson, mastermind behind Knit Spot and Bare Naked Wools is one of the very few folks who can tempt me out of my hermit's cave.  She's opening her very own yarn store (be still, my beating heart) and she's having a grand opening.  I'm going! I'm bringing piles of samples, signing books, and just generally hanging out and talking yarn.  If you're free on either the evening of the 26th [...]

September 21, 2014|

Bounce bounce bounce

I am generally rather orderly.  Some might say alarmingly orderly.  I'm a huge fan of breaking a large task into smaller ones, putting the pieces in the right order, allocating time for them, and moving through the list.  I've written and published five books in the last few years.  You sort of have to be orderly to pull that off.  At least I do. But right now I'm feeling scattered.  It's not the bad sort of scattered, it's the 'oh holy crap muffins I just had the best idea and now I am absolutely itching to implement it please can [...]

August 7, 2014|

Playing Favorites

I'm in the middle of the best part of book making.  The part where I've chatted with some of my very favorite people in the yarn industry, they've graciously agreed to let me experiment with their beautiful yarns, they've mailed them to me, and I get to play with them.  This tray of yarn is sitting on my desk right now. These will be the socks for the book after next, and I love each and every one of them.  Starting at the top left, there's Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Buckingham Fountain, and right under it is Mrs. Crosby [...]

July 14, 2014|

Bare Naked Wools Knitalong

You all know I love Anne Hanson's work.  Her designs are beautiful, and when I heard she had started her own yarn line, Bare Naked Wools, I knew it would be absolutely marvelous.  Last year, she and I did a two-part blog series on substituting yarns.  And of course I used her yarn for the recent slipper extravaganza.  So when the folks at Bare Naked Wools got in touch and asked if we could do a sock knit along, of course I said yes. The rules are pretty simple.  You knit my socks with Anne's yarn, and post about it [...]

May 25, 2014|
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