So I had this necklace (and earrings to go with it too).  I liked it rather a lot, but I never ever wore it.  Why you ask?  Because of the clasp. This clasp drove me insane.  It's meant to make the necklace adjustable and be lovely and decorative.  But there are two flaws with that.  Even at the longest setting, it's still about an inch shorter than I'd like (I cannot stand short necklaces, they make me feel like I'm strangling).  Also, that lovely chunk of decorative rock dangling back there gets all snarled up in my hair. Now, the [...]

January 4, 2014|

Unabashedly Sparkly

I came home from the trip with ideas.  Lots and lots and lots of ideas.  I think that's half the fun of going away.  You get out of your daily routine, and you suddenly have extra time and space to make plans.  One of these plans involves disassembling a dock and finding a custom metal fabricator (that one will take a bit longer to come to's a biggish plan).  One involves yards and yards of beautiful wool felt, a handful of buttons, and my firm conviction that I can convince my sewing machine to do what I want (this [...]

November 17, 2013|

So Much Better (Plus Giveaway)

So, as promised, I'd like you to meet someone who really knows her way around the bead shop.  May I introduce the lovely Laura Nelkin? I got to know Laura when she was design director for Schaefer Yarn.  She got in touch with me when I was very new at this pattern thing and asked if I'd like to do a design for Schaefer.  This was an incredibly generous thing to do.  I was a complete newbie and was totally making it up as I went along.  Her encouragement was a tremendous help. Laura has recently made the switch to [...]

August 30, 2011|

Not So Smooth

I occasionally get messages complaining that my knitting always looks better than that of the writer.  Seriously folks, this is because I cheat.  I tend to only show you the pretty stuff.  The stuff that isn't working out?  That gets tossed against the wall and sworn at and then ripped.  But just so you know it happens, here's an example of something that isn't working out. Now this had promise.  The stitch pattern is pleasing, yarn is lovely, the beads are shiiiiiiiiiiny, and the silk thread is interesting to work with.  See?  Far too pretty to throw away. But this [...]

August 29, 2011|


The bead thing seems to be working out.  Or rather, I seem to be able to apply beads to loops of string in a more or less consistent manner.  And, working on the idea that something done consistently tends to eventually look intentional and maybe even appealing, I'm getting a pleasantly orderly result. I know it looks a bit scruffy now.  I promise it will look better later.  I've still got to figure out if it's going to be a bracelet or a necklace, and there's a fair bit of fiddling with it yet to be done, but I'm liking [...]

August 16, 2011|

Siren Song

So I've been led astray.  The siren song and subtle sparkle of some wee glass baubles have sidetracked me. While we were out in Oregon and Washington we saw lots of glass fishing floats.  Not on the beach (because you know I would have snatched those up half a heartbeat), but in stores.  I'm hesitant to buy them in stores.  They're pretty and all, but the ones in the stores somehow don't have the same sort of backstory as one you found on the beach would have.  I will just have to keep looking and hope I find one some [...]

August 12, 2011|
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