Now all we need is a cloudy day and some good beach rocks for some proper photos.⁠ ⁠ This will likely be going up for testing over where that normally happens here in the next couple of hours (I do testing calls on patreon, they're on public posts, anyone can see them and comment on them, you don't have to be following me there to test, it's just the easiest place for me to organize tests these days). You know, in case you need a collection (a prickle? a squirm? a bubble? what the heck is the collective noun?) of [...]

June 11, 2024|

More than one

Could I stop myself with just one beaded version? No. No I could not. Is even one single solitary one of you surprised? I assume the answer here is also a resounding no.⁠ And yes, there will be a pattern. Likely not till closer to the end of summer though, because early summer patterns never get the attention they deserve, and it would be a shame for something so cute not to get as much attention as possible!

June 9, 2024|


See, this is where the difficulty arises. The buddy on the needles had been intended to be the final friend. But he's not quite the right color for the beads (and I would have wanted to start adding beads a little earlier in the knitting process anyway). So now he can't be the last one, because clearly I need one with beads. But this dude was to have been the seventh urchin. And seven is a lovely number. Eight...less so. For whatever reason, eight of something will be harder to arrange in photos than seven (and will not be as chill [...]

May 20, 2024|

Good news/bad news

So the good news is I found some beads. And the bad news is I found some beads. (At Fiddlehead, for anyone local!) So clearly I need to make at least one more little urchin buddy with beads on. To do otherwise would be just foolish. But it does mean I need to get a little more knitting time in before I can take these to the seashore for their photos. The real question here is...gray urchin with purple beads? purple urchin with purple beads? pink urchin with purple bead? which way are we taking this...

May 18, 2024|

I went to the stash to try and find some nice bright reds and nice strong dark greens. Which it turns out are two of my least favorite colors and thus not well represented in my stash at all. That, dusty, minty, chalky pink and sage thing though? That I can work with. Any guesses?

January 1, 2024|


So I had this necklace (and earrings to go with it too).  I liked it rather a lot, but I never ever wore it.  Why you ask?  Because of the clasp. This clasp drove me insane.  It's meant to make the necklace adjustable and be lovely and decorative.  But there are two flaws with that.  Even at the longest setting, it's still about an inch shorter than I'd like (I cannot stand short necklaces, they make me feel like I'm strangling).  Also, that lovely chunk of decorative rock dangling back there gets all snarled up in my hair. Now, the [...]

January 4, 2014|

Unabashedly Sparkly

I came home from the trip with ideas.  Lots and lots and lots of ideas.  I think that's half the fun of going away.  You get out of your daily routine, and you suddenly have extra time and space to make plans.  One of these plans involves disassembling a dock and finding a custom metal fabricator (that one will take a bit longer to come to's a biggish plan).  One involves yards and yards of beautiful wool felt, a handful of buttons, and my firm conviction that I can convince my sewing machine to do what I want (this [...]

November 17, 2013|
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