They're here!  The pattern for Wrack (The Boy's latest socks, and oh buddy has has he ever earned them with the shipping shenanigans of the last week or so) is up on ravelry. You've watched these click along all through last December.  And if you've been here for a while, you know that me knocking out a pair of socks in less than a month is pretty darn speedy.  Part of that is the yarn (squoosh aran by Skeinny Dipping, and a lovely fat sock yarn it is), but part of it is totally the pattern.  The cables get you [...]

March 3, 2015|

Decisions, Decisions

So, I've got finished knitting, I've got finished patterns, all I need is photos.  Luckily, I've also managed to flee my snowy, freezing home and come somewhere a bit warmer (not warm mind you, I'm still walking around bundled up in woolies, just warmer).  Looks a bit like this. Even luckier, I actually managed to bring the knitting in need of a photo shoot (on the theory that it might be easier to find a spot to take pictures here than at home).  I intend to press my willing victim into service and get two patterns worth of pictures while [...]

January 28, 2015|

One Sock Two Sock

So, that's two finished socks.  Alas (and I didn't realize this till I took them both outside in the daylight), they seem to be two slightly different colored finished socks. I'm going to try very hard to tell myself I don't care (I mean really, if I didn't notice while I was knitting, it's not likely to be a big deal).  Failing that, I'm going to try very hard to tell myself that The Boy (the intended recipient of said socks) doesn't care.  Next up on my denial plan is washing them a few times to see if the difference [...]

December 30, 2014|

43 and a Toe

Sock the first is done (that's him, smugly pleased with his blocked state, there in the background).  Sock the second has a leg, a heel, and even a gusset.  He only needs 43 rows and a toe to be finished (yes, yes I do count rows and keep an obsessive mental tally of how much is done versus how much remains...it's totally a valid lifestyle choice). With any luck, the finishing of the socks will coincide with the holidays.  That will mean The Boy will actually be home during daylight, and I can get some lovely modeled shots and get [...]

December 15, 2014|

Close Enough

There is no sun.  The sun is gone.  The sun will never shine again.  It will be gray, and probably sleeting, until the end of time.  This means I will never get a good picture of this sock.  We'll just have to accept this and move on.  We can console ourselves with knitting. I've still got to get The Boy to try it on to make sure it's the right length before I graft the toe.  But I'm pretty sure it is, which means I'm pretty sure this counts as a finished sock.  That's worth a blog post, whether or [...]

December 11, 2014|

Zipping along

The sock has grown.  It's funny how that happens when you actually sit down and knit on it.  But despite the growth, it still may not be the most exciting thing in the world (a few more inches of plain ribbed sock is still plain ribbed sock).  I'm holding out hope for the additional swoops at the toe to wake me back up again. Meanwhile, you can all distract yourselves with the adorable project bag.   It's from Three Bags Full, and it's marvelous.  I'll have to show them off better in another post, but there are wee pockets and elastics [...]

December 8, 2014|

That’s Better

Oh hey, look, sun. That's a much better representation of this lovely yarn.  It's Squoosh Aran by Skeinny Dipping. And yes, this is going to be a fairly staid and reserved sock.  A bit of wobbly action at the top, then a nice rib down the leg and foot.  There may be one more wee wobble at the toe, just to wake me back up.  It's a fairly thick yarn (I'm only doing a 56-stitch leg for The Boy and his rather sizable feet), and I often think those look better if you don't get too fancy with the stitchwork.  [...]

December 4, 2014|

The Sock You Cannot See

I'm working on some socks for The Boy (compensation for his efforts in the giant book shipping extravaganza that he's about to participate in).  I'm using a lovely brown yarn with subtle hints of green and red.  It is lovely, and in the right light you can see all the glorious tints and shades it has to offer.  In the wrong light, you cannot.  It's Cleveland, it's December.  The right light is hard to come by.  This picture does not do it justice at all. But it's knitting.  I've been skimping on the knitting of late, and for the love [...]

December 3, 2014|

Worth the Wait

Sometimes it takes a little while for the perfect yarn and the perfect project to meet up.  That's not a bad thing.  That is, in fact, why we have stashes.  You have to be well supplied when inspiration strikes. I got this delightful mountain of yarn from Christine of Skeinny Dipping when I was sourcing yarns for the book that comes out next month (eep...next month...eep).  We were chatting about colors and yarns and plans, and this lovely little experiment just happened to show up on my doorstep.  It didn't turn out to be quite the right color for the [...]

October 14, 2014|
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