Button, button who’s got the button?

I get lots of folks asking where the buttons in some of my patterns come from (Treacherous Winds and Perfectly Finished in Every Point have been the cause of most of the recent ones).  The real answer is 'the basket in my closet,' but I understand that this isn't super helpful (please don't come dig through my closet, it's a mess).  It really is true though, the secret is just keeping that basket well stocked.  And the way I do that is pretty much etsy.  These are my latest find.And the way you find the ones like that (tiny, lovely [...]

December 18, 2015|


Oh, I almost forgot.  While I've already detailed my yarny acquisitions from the Maine trip, I haven't yet shown you my nifty new buttons.  I know they're not strictly knitting related, but they will almost certainly get used in some sort of knitterly pursuit, so I'm pretending they're fair game.  Aren't they pretty? Now alas, I don't have a website where you can buy them directly.  I got them at KnitWit yarn shop in Portland.  They're pewter, they're handmade by some sort of super genius in the area, and they were all of $2.00 each.  This is a shockingly low [...]

November 17, 2012|
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