Sun Valley Fibers Giveaway

I don't want to make anyone else jealous, but I think I might possibly have the coolest job ever.  Visiting fiber festivals is market research, I get to indulge my bossy tendencies write patterns, and I spend most of my days at home in my pajamas in the company of the Kitten Overlords.  And if that weren't enough, every now and then a yarn company gets in touch and asks if I might possibly like to see some of their yarn (yes) and maybe even share some of it with you guys (also yes).  It's pretty darn cool.  Today I'd [...]

January 22, 2014|

Giveaway Winner

Debby S, whose favorite pattern of Sivia's is the lovely Tibetan Clouds Stole, is the winner of The Book of Cowls.  I will be in touch with her shortly to get her information so she can cast on soon! And, in more panic-inducing news, it's just about time to open up pre-orders for KCC2.  I'll be back on Monday with all the details of when that will start and how it will work.  In the meantime, I have to go check and double check and triple check the website and finalize a few other plans to make sure things go [...]

March 29, 2013|

Sock Yarn Studio Review (plus Giveaway)

Am I the only one to procrastinate with housework?  I swear my house is never cleaner and my dinners are never more delicious than when I have some sort of deadline looming.  A few weekends ago, when I should have been doing any of a host of things more immediate and pressing, I somehow decided to organize my stash.  This was egregious procrastination by housework.  It wasn't even something like dishes or laundry that really does need to get done on a regular basis.  The stash could have stayed a mess for another 6 months and no one would have [...]

October 22, 2012|

Winner (and a Nap)

The winner of Laura Nelkin's lovely Adorn pattern collection is Sandra.  I'll send an email with directions shortly Sandra! I've got lots of knitterly thing to tell you guys, but both Levon and I seem to have some sort of lingering crud.  We're on the mend, but I think a bit of a late afternoon nap (perhaps followed by a slightly lazy weekend) would do us both good.  I'll pop back in with a proper post soon.  Until then, it's kittens and naps and maybe a little Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me.

September 2, 2011|

So Much Better (Plus Giveaway)

So, as promised, I'd like you to meet someone who really knows her way around the bead shop.  May I introduce the lovely Laura Nelkin? I got to know Laura when she was design director for Schaefer Yarn.  She got in touch with me when I was very new at this pattern thing and asked if I'd like to do a design for Schaefer.  This was an incredibly generous thing to do.  I was a complete newbie and was totally making it up as I went along.  Her encouragement was a tremendous help. Laura has recently made the switch to [...]

August 30, 2011|


As promised, the winner for the Barking Dog Yarns/Foliate giveaway is Sue of Alderwood Quilts.  It looks like Sue already knows all about Barking Dog Yarns and will be adding a skein of Galaxy in the color California to her stash.  I'll be in touch to sort everything out. And because I feel bad that not everyone can win, I set up a little promo for everyone else.  If you buy Foliate, you can have any of my other patterns for free.  Just put both Foliate and any other pattern in your ravelry cart, click on the use a coupon [...]

June 14, 2011|

Yarn Giveaway

Because Suzan, evil genius behind Barking Dog Yarns, is awesome, I have a skein of Galaxy to give away. Actually, it's even better than that.  Instead of having an actual physical skein of yarn in my hands to send away (always a bit of a wrench I tell you), I have permission to send you over to the site, tell you to find your very favorite color (in any of the bases), and Suzan will dye it up in Galaxy for you. I am, frankly, jealous.  Someone is in for a treat. I can't say enough good things about this [...]

June 9, 2011|

Book Giveaway

The marvelous Wendy Johnson (the mastermind behind Toe Up Socks for Every Body and Socks from the Toe Up) has a copy of Silk Road Socks to give away.  Of course this makes me feel a fluttery in my tummy because Wendy is a real and proper designer (this apparently means 'designer I would be all nervous about meeting and whose books I've bought in actual stores').  But, because I love you all and want to take over your knitting needles, I'm stomping on my nerves and letting you know about the drawing.  Head over and leave a comment if [...]

February 28, 2011|


Thanks to everyone who entered.  It seems that you guys are as taken with Dream in Colors marvelous work as I am.  I'm happy to announce that Ariel and Andrea were the lucky commenters (as chosen by  I've sent off emails asking for their mailing addresses and will mail out the yarn as soon as I hear back (which is good, as I might fall too deeply in love with it if I keep it around any longer...sending yarn away is hard). Meanwhile, in actual knitting news, anyone remember these guys?  The sock I cast on in Nova Scotia?  [...]

February 9, 2011|
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