I told you there would be further dalliances. These things happen. At least to me. When left unattended. Around soft things. And shiny things. And stabby things.⁠ Really this is a failure of supervision more than anything else and can hardly be held accountable for that.

June 5, 2024|


There seems, near as I can tell, to just be a button in my brain that squirts out a little dose of the happy brain chemicals whenever it sees something with radial symmetry.⁠ Hat crowns. Paper stars. Straw stars. And, apparently, embroidery. ⁠ These were both things I worked on at the Camden public library embroidery class (libraries are awesome), and I suspect I'll end up with a little pile of them before the fascination fades.⁠ No idea what I'll do with them mind you, but that's less important than the time spent enjoying them. ⁠ Go check out your [...]

June 3, 2024|


I mean, I always want to see the back of everyone else's embroidery, so it seems only fair to show you mine. It's...let's go with free form. Not exactly scandalously scattered. But I for sure do not bother with making the back perfect, so it's rather more untidy than I'm actually comfortable with. But at least in theory, no one sees it. You know...assuming you don't go posting it on the internet. Oops. Picture of the front (and a point to the nifty Camden Public Library class I made it in...which just so happens to be going on tomorrow...in case [...]

May 24, 2024|

Libraries rock

Pssst, libraries are awesome! The Camden Public Library is doing an embroidery class and it's been so much fun. There are two more sessions, and you can totally come even if you haven't been to the other classes. I'm going next Saturday (May 25) and the one after (June 1), and you totally can too! That's Molly Girl Yarn's gorgeous silk embroidery floss and felt from @fiddleheadartisansupply. Wanna see the back...or is that too much like showing someone your underwear drawer?

May 23, 2024|


Ok, which one do we like best? The first one is one embroidery option, the second is the same pattern (in a different color of yarn) with a second embroidery option, and the third one is the first hat before I got my filthy hands all over it and doodled it into oblivion. I don't think I ever told you the story of these. A while ago Little Skein Anne and I were talking about doing a project together (because Anne is a delight and one of the few people I'm always happy to play with), and I said I'd [...]

March 28, 2024|

More treats

Couple more treats from Fridays' unexpected detour into the delightful Fiber & Vine (first two pics) and Saturday's detour into a totally different yarn store (third pic). It was that sort of weekend. As I said, plans are afoot, and if you're out and about, you might as well have a little adventure while you're out. The first picture is two skeins of Making's Landing, one in white, one in gray. This may be the exact opposite of yesterday's yarn in every possible way, and I love them both dearly. And this...well, this I know exactly what it's going to [...]

February 13, 2024|

Calling it done

Alrighty, I think this is done (read, I really should stop spending so much time playing with it and do real work) and I know I am delighted with it. Now, let's see if I can answer a few questions/make a few plans.⁠ 1) Will I show you the whole sweater? Probably not. I don't do pictures of clothes on me, the dressforms I have are not the right size to show the sweater off well, and taking a picture of a sweater laid out flat that looks anything other than awful does not seem to be a skill I [...]

September 6, 2021|

Doodles continue

Embroidery doodles continue to be amusing... But forward progress has been somewhat hindered by the supervisory efforts of Miss Fizzy. Work will resume when she decides she has other places to be.

September 1, 2021|


We all know I'm not a sweater knitter.  Sweater wearer yes, sweater knitter no.  And while I have no desire to knit my own sweaters, I do occasionally want to, shall we say customize, the cozy, comfy, easy, store-bought sweaters I wear so often. It started with mending, because why not fix what you have if you can.  Then it moved on to things like adjusting the band at the bottom of a sweater (the band that causes a sweater to draw in at precisely the point my body flares out, the appeal of which I will never understand) or [...]

August 30, 2021|
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