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I very much hope you are spending today and tomorrow doing as little as possible in the nicest possible way! If your version of doing as little as possible includes coloring, there are some coloring pages based on those paper stars for you to download and play with. I may...I may have ordered some shrink plastic stuff...for science you understand...I'll report back once it's arrived. Again...for science.

December 31, 2023|


Need a low-stakes, low-stress project today? The coloring book based on those paper stars might do the trick! It's free, and anyone can download it right over here. ⁠ I can't promise it'll keep your kids distracted or make your terrible relative any less infuriating. But I spent a happy hour distracting myself with pretty colors and tidy lines and orderly shapes. And sometimes that's enough to call it a win.⁠ Here's hoping your day isn't too stressful and has at least a few moments of calm!

December 25, 2023|


I have it on good authority that I'm not the only one who still has their colored pencils (or who has obtained more in adulthood, a move that I completely support)! Which means I suspect I'm not the only one who might enjoy a little coloring book inspired by our lovely stars. Because really, every single time I see them, I think 'ooooh, that would be fun to color...' So this year I made that happen! I commissioned a talented friend to turn the outlines of the stars into line drawings, and I put together a little coloring book with [...]

December 22, 2023|


Right, so, the stars... The stars and their nice, tidy, orderly, geometric shapes... The ones that look like stained glass...⁠ A few of them may sort of turned into coloring pages. Accidentally you understand. It's a known risk. These things happen.⁠ Any of you the sort that might be interested in a download with a few of those? Because I mean if I've already succumbed to my baser instincts and have them to play with myself, it seems only fair to share my toys, yeah?

December 21, 2023|


This is for anyone feeling nervous about folding the stars! Remember the little one I folded and put together on video last week? Yeah, I wrote up the folding instructions for that one and put them together for you to try out.⁠ ⁠ If you've been looking at the stars and thinking 'ack, I want to make them, but I'm worried I won't be able to follow the directions,' this should help! It'll give you a sense what sort of folds are involved and how the instructions are structured so you can give it a try before you buy the [...]

December 13, 2023|


The sun sets here at 4:01pm today. The sun has been setting around 4 since the middle of November, and it will keep on setting around 4 until the middle of January. And I? I do not do well with mid afternoon sunsets. So when the dark starts to feel a little overwhelming, I make these. I cannot tell you why they help, but I know that they do. And I cannot promise they will help anyone else, but I suspect that they might. I suspect it because every year, when I share them online, I hear from so many [...]

December 5, 2023|


I am unspeakably happy about having a purple that's light enough to actually let the light through (this is the new paper I got off ebay, the original stuff had a purple, but it was so very very dark that you really couldn't see through it if you had more than maybe two or three layers of paper, so it didn't really work for stars).

November 29, 2023|


Ok, let's talk about what you need to make these stars! But before we start, a quick note up top. I'm linking to amazon stuff for a lot of this. Now, we all know amazon is evil incarnate! But I also know that it's the easiest/cheapest option for a lot of folks, and that a lot of us (myself included!) live in places where this stuff simply isn't available in a store near you. So I'm providing the links. And I'm also using affiliate links because if amazon's going to get the sale, I'm ok with them giving me a [...]

November 28, 2023|

Shoveling out

I am, at least in theory, going to go shovel out the inbox today. We'll see how that goes. But that is the general plan. Then later this week I'll see about getting some supply lists up for the stars (that's all already on the blog in various spots from previous years, but it takes a bit of digging to find it, and rally none of us have time for that and I know it). Then early next week the star book should be available again!  More details over the next few days (gotta do that aforementioned digging out thing [...]

November 27, 2023|
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