Variations 8

Last one! Thank you all for indulging me while I played with my new toy. I realize it may well have had that 'small child asks you if you'd like to meet their favorite stuffed animals' vibe. ⁠ This is star F from the book with fold 6 nudged out so it doesn't quite meet the midline, the bottom point folded up at a slightly different spot, and assembled following the widest lines on the assembly guide. The white picture shows the original from the book.⁠ And with that, the obsession's grip has slightly loosened. I'll *probably* be able to [...]

January 9, 2023|

Variations 7

Ok, so this one in particular makes me really really want to do a whole set of these where they've got six points like a snowflake. I'm blaming the lovely soft blue. It's totally doable, you just have to resign yourself to sliiiiiiightly fiddlier folds at the start. But really, I suspect the jack frost vibe would be worth it!⁠ This (colorful picture) is star C from the book with the fold in step 5 nudged out a bit so it doesn't quite meet the center, the fold where the bottom point comes up to the top moved around a [...]

January 8, 2023|

Variations 6

Yup, yup I continue to be easily amused. ⁠Fairly sure it would be appropriate to carve 'easily amused' on my tombstone when the time comes. There are worse ways to be.⁠ This (colorful picture) is star E from the book made with slightly wider paper, with the bottom point folded up so that it extends well past the top point, and following the widest lines on the assembly guide. The white picture shows the original from the book (no, really, I promise it does, even though they look quite different, that's sort of the point of this whole exercise).⁠ And [...]

January 7, 2023|

Variations 5

I mean I *did* warn you that I took the shiny new paper and folded through the whole damn book. Which sure, I don't expect anyone *else* to do, but it was actually exactly what I most wanted to be doing while I did it, so I can't really bring myself to apologize for it. ⁠ Perhaps I should exercise more restraint in inflicting it on others? But really, we should probably all be lazing about, napping as much as possible, and only interrupting our naps to forage for snacks or make some more hot chocolate. It's not really the [...]

January 6, 2023|

Variations 4

So I *strongly* suspect that you folks are largely responsible for the current difficulties in finding the fancy paper you need for these. And while I did not expect to ever have 'caused a run on weird paper' on my list of life achievements, it's not the worst thing a person could do with their days on this earth. This (colorful picture) is star G from the book with the bottom point folded up so that it actually extends a bit past the top point and assembled following the wider lines on the assembly guide.⁠ The white picture shows the [...]

January 5, 2023|

Variations 3

Did I plan on admitting right out in public just how easy it is to delight me by...checks notes...providing me with slightly different colors of highly specialized paper and then leaving me alone with a paper cutter and bone folder for a couple hours? ⁠   I mean no. But if you've been here for a bit, you're probably not exactly surprised by this sort of nonsense. ⁠ This (colorful picture) is star D from the book with the bottom folded up at a slightly different point and put together following the wide lines on the assembly guide. The white [...]

January 4, 2023|

Variations 2

Am I going to go through these in rainbow order because the whole point of this exercise is to soothe my soul (and play with pretty paper) and rainbows are soothing? Yup, yup I am.⁠ Did I have the forethought to fold through the stars in the book in rainbow order such that star A would be in the first color and star B in the second and so on? No, no I absolutely did not. ⁠ And now you must all live with my failings. This (colorful picture) is star H from the book, made with slightly wider paper, [...]

January 3, 2023|

Variations 1

Remember how I said I found paper in other colors? And how I said one of my favorite things about the stars is how much they change if you make even the tiniest little changes to how you fold the pieces and put them together? And how I said folding these is one of the most soothing things my brain knows how to do?⁠ Yeah. Well, so the natural consequence of that is me deciding to fold all the stars from the book in the new paper over the course of the day, each with some sort of tiny variation, [...]

January 2, 2023|


Remember how I said I was excited to have found the spiffy paper you need for these in some more delicate colors? Yeeeeeeeah, well the natural thing to do after finding that was to go ahead and fold through the whole star book (with some variations because we all know I'm not naturally inclined to make the same thing over and over again when the opportunity to experiment presents itself).⁠ ⁠ I'll go through the variations on posts over the next few days in case you really really really want to know (I sort of suspect you don't, that would [...]

January 1, 2023|
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