Filthy Lies

I know I promised information about a new sock pattern in this post.  Not only have I kept you waiting a shamefully long time, but it turns out I was full of lies about that new pattern bit.  There is a new pattern (there are actually several) and I will natter on about it shortly, but something else simply must be discussed first. That something is the illustrious Mr. Neil Gaiman and his astonishing proximity to my socks.  I have photographic proof (and yes this is a shameless homage to Madam Harlot and her traveling photogenic socks - good ideas [...]

October 7, 2009|

Emergency Preparedness

I just pre-ordered this marvelous t shirt from the fine folks over at Wondermark.  You might want to do something similar.  The gentleman who designed it obviously has his priorities straight.

August 25, 2009|

Twist Twist Twist

Sorry for the disappearing act.  I was off playing in the woods with The Boy and his family.  I don't, as a general rule, do woods.  The woods are traditionally in that space known as outside, and I am philosophically opposed to outside.  Outside is where the evil scorching sun lives, and his minions (itchy) plants and (creepy) bugs can cause all sorts of mayhem if you spend too much time out there.  It is much safer to stay inside with the books and the air conditioning and the refreshing beverages. The knitting is also generally found inside. I was, [...]

July 29, 2009|

All that and he fixes cars too…

My car is, well, I don't want to say elderly. Perhaps proto-vintage is a better term. He (His name is Theodoric and he does not truck with nicknames. In fact, he prefers you to use his full title, Theodoric King of the Ostrogoths, but I don't encourage this.) will be ten this September. We have a complicated relationship. He's not yet broken 60,000 miles, yet the total of his repair bills would basically finance a new car. I find this distressing. We've been in counseling, and seem to have reached an understanding, but, heeding the once burned twice shy theory [...]

April 3, 2009|

Super Stealth Knitting

What's that Mr. Security Guard, you'd like to look in my purse? Sure, go right ahead. That? Oh, that's my knitting...would you like to see? Out comes 3/4 of a sock and scads of yarn. Thank you Mr. Security Guard, I will enjoy the concert. Now it's hardly my fault that he was so distracted by the knitting that he didn't notice the wee tiny camera tucked discretely in the back of the knitting case. Nope, not my doing at all. Such lax security leads to picture taking opportunities. Presenting the charming Mr. Folds:

March 23, 2009|

The Yarn Shop Next to the Brewery

The full phrase is "the yarn shop next to the brewery is open late on the night of the homebrewer's meeting." It has become our household's way of saying serendipity. I realize that the phrase 'the yarn shop next to the brewery' is much longer than the word serendipity, but secret phrases needn't be efficient. We've actually encountered several yarn shops that are brewery adjacent (boy might say breweries that are yarn shop adjacent). We tend to find them on trips, one in New York and one in Bulgaria. Perhaps more importantly, there seems to be a yarn shop next [...]

March 18, 2009|
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