Look, here I am again, three days in a row!  That's nearly unheard of.  (Really, I feel bad about my unexpected absence and I'm trying to make up for it. Don't expect it to last too long though, at some point I have to stop writing and actually knit, or else I'll totally run out of things to say.) And today, there's a pattern. I'm pleased to introduce Louche. I started these when were were on vacation in Nova Scotia.  They sat, unfinished, uncomplaining, for months and months until I needed some soothing knitting.  Then I remembered just how addictive [...]

March 23, 2011|

Words are Not Dirty

So the latest socks are to be called Louche.  If we look up Louche we find: adjective: shady, disreputable, of questionable moral character Now this has led to some controversy.  I got a few ravelry messages explaining that it was terribly inappropriate for me to use such a 'bad' word for a sock title.  Now I don't actually think it's a bad word.  I, in fact, think it's kind of a cool word (hence my using it).  I'm not really convinced there are bad words.  There are words that are a poor fit for a given situation, but that doesn't [...]

March 8, 2011|

Off the Needles

Louche are done and up for testing over on ravelry.  If you're itching to make them right this minute, come volunteer to help me beat the errors out of the pattern.

March 2, 2011|


Ice storms make for lovely knitting weather.  Noisy, but lovely. The second of the green swirly socks, henceforth to be known as Louche, is now underway.  Even more important, the scribbling, calculating, and doodling required to write the pattern has been completed.  I'll likely turn it from my chicken scratch into something someone else has a hope of reading and put it out for testers later this week. As a scheduling note, the pattern for Truckle is done and ready to go out, save only a picture.  Of course getting a picture requires me, plus The Boy, plus daylight, plus [...]

February 21, 2011|
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