Playing Favorites, Part 2

We talked a little while ago about the sock yarns for the upcoming book, but that book won't all be sock-y goodness.  There are lots of other delightful projects too, and that means more yarn.  I've just now gotten the last of the yarns in, so that meant it was time to bring them all together for a group shot. I really am rather madly in love with all of these, and I bet there are a few here that will be new to you. Starting up at the top left, the pink one there is Manos Fino in Rosewater [...]

August 9, 2014|

Not a Sock in Sight

We talked the other day about sock yarns for the book after next, but as usual, the book is more than just socks.  Some of the non-sock yarns have also started to arrive, and they're delightful. Up at the top there, in all of its lovely pinkness, is Manos Fino in Rosewater.  That's going to become an absolutely delicious shawl.  Moving clockwise around the circle, the next one is Anzula Oasis in Seaside.  This is also destined for some sort of wrap (it's a silk/camel blend, and I anticipate greatness).  Then we've got Sweet Georgia Trinity Worsted in Silver.  I'm [...]

July 21, 2014|


I have a process.  I have a very specific process.  First I get yarn, then I swatch, then I write up a shockingly structured page of notes, then I type up the pattern.  The swatch and the page of notes and the label are all stapled together (with my nifty staple-free actual staples needed, it makes a hole to tie the swatch through, so clever it hurts).  The result looks something like this. That is the process.  There is no changing the process.  There is no questioning the process.  It works beautifully.  I have everything I could need in [...]

July 18, 2014|

Playing Favorites

I'm in the middle of the best part of book making.  The part where I've chatted with some of my very favorite people in the yarn industry, they've graciously agreed to let me experiment with their beautiful yarns, they've mailed them to me, and I get to play with them.  This tray of yarn is sitting on my desk right now. These will be the socks for the book after next, and I love each and every one of them.  Starting at the top left, there's Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Buckingham Fountain, and right under it is Mrs. Crosby [...]

July 14, 2014|


Further proof that I am knitting (lest you be concerned). Alas, the things I am knitting are all fodder for the book after next.  (On a side note, penultimate means the one before the last.  Is there a word for the one after the next?  I feel there should be, but I'm at a loss as to what it might be.  If anyone knows I'll be very grateful.)  So that means I can show you crumpled bits like this, and I can talk about the yarn (Frog Tree Yarns Pediboo Sport Tonal, and yummy stuff it is too), but I [...]

July 11, 2014|


I've spoken before about how, when I first started knitting, I thought "suitable needles" meant needles that look pretty with the yarn, rather than needles that give appropriate gauge.  It made for some rather memorable early projects.  But every now and then, just by chance, the needles that look lovely with the yarn will happen to give perfect gauge. That, plus a healthy stretch of stockinette, makes for the most meditative knitting imaginable.  The yarn is Creme in Seaglass by Phydeaux Designs.  It's delicious.  And so is this project, though you can't see any more of it for a long [...]

July 7, 2014|


I'm worried a few of you may be laboring under a terrible misconception.  One or two of you may have gotten the sense that there's not been much knitting around here.  After all, the last thing I showed you I knit was the Trey cuff back in early June (which was itself my attempt to remind myself that I do indeed like knitting).  But just because I haven't been showing you much knitting doesn't mean I've not been stabbing yarn with needles on a regular basis. Quite the contrary.  It's just that I've not been showing you what I'm knitting.  [...]

July 3, 2014|
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