They're done!  Two legs, two heels, two toes.  All finished, and I even got them on The Boy and him outside before the sun went down.  See? More about them and how you too can knit them for your very own feet can be found right here.

July 9, 2009|

Clickity Click

Propitiate is almost done.  They need a few more hours of knitting, Wednesday is the goal.  The real question is how much does having them finished matter?  Is it ok to release a pattern that just shows one finished sock, or do you prefer to see both of the socks finished in the pictures included in a pattern?  They have been finished by a whole slew of test knitters, so I am confident that the pattern works.  It's just a matter of finding the time to finish my own pair and then getting them on The Boy's feet for a [...]

July 6, 2009|

More and yet More

As promised, the rest of the news. First, I'm thrilled to announce I'll be designing a sock for another yarn/pattern club.  This one is a little different.  There is a theme - Wicked Women - and it's a joint effort.  It's a three installment club with an exclusive yarn and a specially designed pattern shipping out every other month from September to January.  Mine will be the January sock.  All the details are over at the Yarnarina's page.  Go sign up before the spaces run out! Next, the questions I asked earlier and their answers.  It was great to read [...]

June 28, 2009|

All Downhill from Here

The first of the Propitiate socks is done and the second cast on.  The first draft of the patten is written, and I'll likely have it out to testers next weekend (and hopefully available about two weeks after that).  This pattern is going to include instructions for the sock as it's shown here (with the slanting rib) and for a second version with straight ribs. These are meant to be for The Boy, but his feet were unavailable for a photo soot, so you get mine instead.  Pardon any bagginess...they fit his feet much better than they do mine.

June 21, 2009|

Who’s Next?

Embonpoint is being tested, and the pattern should be out next week. I'm mailing the socks off to Schaefer this morning and will do my best to demonstrate the firmness of character and stoic resolve for which I am known (in other words, I shall try not to weep in the post office as I send them away). In the meantime, another ball of yarn sort of slipped and fell and found itself impaled on my needles in the shape of a sock.  No idea how that happened. This one is for The Boy, and is called Propitiate. There is [...]

June 12, 2009|
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