Last Call, Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet Books Retiring Soon

Oh man, this is a bit tough, but it has to be done.  All three of the Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet books are almost gone.  I have just a tiny handful of each left.  Once those are gone, they're gone.  I won't be printing more. You may still be able to find them on amazon for a little while (looks like they a few copies of each at the moment).  And of course you may well be able to find used copies out in the world.  But I won't have any more to send out to shops or individuals. And of [...]

November 10, 2016|

Three is the magic number

In February and May I talked about the first two Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet books.  it was unreasonably fun to go back and reminisce a bit about making them, and so I wanted to be sure to talk a bit about Volume III as well. Just like last time, I’ve put both the paper book and the electronic book on sale for 25% off and made the individual patterns available on ravelry (normally it’s only the whole book that’s available).  You don’t need a code or anything, the prices are already changed.  They’ll be that way through the end of the [...]

July 19, 2016|

More of a good thing

Back in February I went on a little stroll down memory lane about the first of the Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet books.  It was sort of awesome to go back and spend some time with it, and so I thought I'd make some time to talk about the other two books in that series too.  I'll start with Volume II today, and we'll chat about Volume III later in the year. Just like last time, I've gone ahead and put both the paper book and the electronic book on sale for 25% off and made the individual patterns available on ravelry [...]

May 17, 2016|

Has it really been that long?

I got a lovely message a few weeks ago from someone who told me she'd found a book that totally reminded her of me and my patterns, and she really really wanted to tell me about it.  At least she did, right up until she realized it was actually my book (it was the first Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet book). Now this is awesome and hilarious (and she said she was totally fine with me talking about it).  But it also served as a good reminder that the first Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet book came out a long time ago (summer of [...]

February 16, 2016|

So This Happened

Oh hey, I sort of forgot to mention this (you guys are awesome by the way, this is totally not something I ever expected to have happen). Nifty isn't it!  Of course it does mean the garage looks like this (and that my postman is more or less not speaking to me). But, if you were waiting for the book to come back in stock on amazon, or if you were waiting for it to come in at your local yarn shop, it should be all set now (as always, amazon links are affiliate links). Now, if you'll excuse me, [...]

October 5, 2015|


Do you know anyone who writes books?  If so, there's likely to come a day when a package arrives from their printer.  When the package comes, it's best to just stand quietly by and let them have a moment with it.  They're fairly heavily invested in the stuff in that package, it's best not to get between them and it. I know it looks like a stack of giant, rumpled sheets of paper and may not seem all that fascinating.  But folded up inside there are Real Live Pages From The Book.  I promise it's a big deal. You get [...]

July 20, 2015|


We've talked about the surprising number of steps between 'I have this idea for a book' and 'hey, look, here's a book I made.'  Some of them are fairly easy to guess (write stuff down, knit things, take photos of things, make it all look like a book).  Some are a little more surprising.  One of the ones I never would have thought about before I did this was getting blank books made the way your book will be made.  It turns out to be unreasonably helpful. I've been trying to decide between 'fancy bit of business wrapped around the [...]

May 13, 2015|

Decisions decisions

Remember when I mention that one of the things that's handy about sequels is that you have to make far fewer decisions than you do for the first book in a series?  That's been on my mind a lot the last few days.  For you see, I've been making piles and piles and piles of decisions for the next book, and it's making me a little dizzy. The decisions for KCC weren't too bad.  It was the first book I published, so I wanted to keep things simple.  I was also absolutely determined that it would look like it belonged [...]

April 23, 2015|

All Official Like

Lookie what I got in the mail: That's my lovely spiffy notice from the Copyright Office saying that Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet is all registered and official.  I find it amuses me to no end (though admittedly, I am easily amused).  I'm still tickled that I seem to have  managed to create a real book (however that's defined) while hiding in my office wearing mostly pajamas and supervised by no one save the kittens.  I've even tricked the copyright folks into believing it!

August 29, 2012|
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