Getting an Early Start the interest of not being murdered by my mailman, I'm going to go ahead and start shipping these a bit early.  These are the ones going out today. There will be another round going out Tuesday and another on Wednesday too.  Thursday is Thanksgiving in America, so the mail won't be picked up that day, but any remaining books should be on their way Friday. And of course, the eversion goes live tomorrow at noon, so you can cast on right away if you've got itchy fingers!

November 23, 2015|


This is what things have looked like around for the last little while. That's what it looks like when you set out more than 500 envelopes for the postman in one day (don't worry, I told them they were coming, and I helped load the truck).  Do that for a few days, and all of a sudden all of the books are mailed. Everything should be on the way, and we should be back to the normal shipping schedule (things going out within one or two business days of your order).  You guys are awesome for being so excited about [...]

December 23, 2014|

Shipping Update

So we're in one of those good news/bad news spots. The good news is that I've shipped hundreds and hundreds of books, and lots of folks have started to receive them (and I've even spotted a few finished curls popping up on ravelry).  That is so much fun to see! Now for the bad news.  Remember back in November, just before the preorder, when I said "A pile of books are on their way to me via UPS and are due to arrive early next week.  The rest of them are on a boat and are due to arrive early [...]

December 2, 2014|

Going Postal (the old-fashioned way)

Hey stranger, I missed you!  Writing about all the book projects (and reading all your lovely comments) has been great fun, but I've missed just chatting with you.  I like telling you guys what's going on around here. Though to be frank, what's been going on so far this week is probably less than fascinating blog fodder.  I've been putting books in envelopes.  I've been putting lots of books in envelopes and then putting them out for the postman.  That's pretty much all I've been doing.  The first batch went out Saturday (I figured no one would mind if they [...]

November 25, 2014|


My porch looks like this (there's more around the corner). It looks like that because some time in the next few weeks, I will be getting approximately one gazillion copies of KCC3.  And then, with any luck, I will be putting those copies into these envelopes and sending them out to you.  In the meantime, I think I owe my UPS driver some cookies or something to make up for getting all this delivered in the pouring rain.

May 12, 2014|


Labels are being applied and envelopes are being stuffed.  The bench on the front porch is groaning under the weight of the books piled upon it (or maybe that's the postman groaning at the thought of all these books).  But either way, the books are going out today.  They should start reaching you next week. Thanks to all of you who preordered.  Be sure to come back over the next few weeks as I introduce some of the yarns and tell you a bit more about the projects (and yes, yes there will be giveaways). Just a few more rounds [...]

October 4, 2013|

Easier than Expected

Well, that went even better than expected.  The postman took all those packages (I harbored doubts...I imagined him taking one a day for the next few years or something equally dreadful).  But no, they all went!  I'll be putting out more packages today and Friday, and then they'll all be shipped! And, because someone will come say 'but I didn't know!' on Saturday and I'll feel terribly guilty, here is the very last reminder.  Preorders end tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning.  As soon as I set the last package on the porch and have a cup of tea, I'll come up here [...]

May 23, 2013|

One, Two, Three

Step 1: addresses and postage on labels Step 2: labels on envelopes Step 3: things in envelopes, envelopes sealed Step 4: envelopes on the porch for the postman (I made an appointment...after last year's incident, I vowed we'd be doing it from home this year) Step 5: feel just the tiniest bit bad for the post man Rinse and repeat.  Another day or two, and they'll be done!

May 22, 2013|

I Don’t Think You’ll Mind Too Much

You know how I often come on here and explain that I've not been knitting much lately?  And then I say I'm sorry, both because I like knitting (would be a bit awkward if I didn't) and because I like to show you my knitting?  Yeah, well, I've not been knitting, but I'm also not sorry.  I'm not sorry, because I've been doing this (ahem, these are not all the envelopes, not by a long shot, these are just what fits on the table at once). And this (and no, that's not all the envelopes either, that's just what got [...]

May 21, 2013|
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