Revenge of the 80s

Do you remember the just slightly slouchy hat with the handspun yarn from the other day?  Well, I had some yarn left when I was done with it. To be specific, I had a whole pile of the handspun (the goal of the exercise was to use all the handspun) and just a tiny (no, really, 30 grams tiny) bit of the main yarn.  So, after cursing my inability to judge how much yarn a project will take when I first imagine it, I did the natural thing.  I divided the main yarn exactly in half (I love my jeweler's [...]

November 20, 2012|

Just a Little Slouch

Hat's done!  Started by worrying I didn't have enough handspun...then moved onto worrying I didn't have enough of the main yarn (Vally Yarns Sheffield).  Turns out I had enough of both, and so now I've cast on a pair of tiny mitts to go with it.  And now, of course, I'm worried I don't have enough again. So, I'm thinking it really is reversible.  Here it is knit side out: And here purl side out: And here's the crown with the knit side out. And yes, yes you do need to weave the ends in neatly if you want it [...]

November 8, 2012|

More Like It

I've recovered from my lying swatch incident (never a pretty sight) and am now no longer despondent.  The yarn is back on the needles, and I have a plan. This will be one of those slouchy hats...aka, one of those hats that looks like crap while it's in progress.  I've got great faith though.  I think it will be suitably nifty, and it's totally doing its job and showing off the (little tiny bit of) handspun I had available.  The real question is do I like the inside or the outside better? What do you think, here's the outside(maybe): And [...]

November 6, 2012|

Mix and Match

As explained the other day, I've only got about 70(ish...the ish is important) yards of the handspun pseudo-yarn.  I want to pair it with something else to sort of stretch the goodness.  I actually have a plan for (more or less) what I want to do.  And do feel free to remind me of this supposed plan and laugh loudly when I get stuck and change my mind.  I just need to decide which of these three yarns I'll use for the extra bits.  What do you guys think?  Purple, green, or blue?

October 16, 2012|

Not Totally Un-Yarnlike

It certainly doesn't look like the stuff you'd buy in the store, but it does have many yarnlike qualities.  Remember, I am a rubbish spinner.  I am, somewhat surprisingly, fairly comfortable with that. It's about 70 yards in sort of a sport to dk weight.  I've got some solid color yarn that matches the green in there pretty well that I will likely combine it with.  I'm envisioning some sort of cuff.  You'll doubtless hear all about it when it leaps on the needles. Oh, and this is just me being smugly pleased with myself.  Check this out, it actually [...]

October 9, 2012|

Not a Complete Failure

You guys are awesome to offer suggestions, thank you.  Let me see if I can explain my thinking just a bit.  When I decided to pick this particular bit of fluff back up, I sort of needed to get reacquainted with it.  One of the things I wanted to know was how long each of the pieces I had was.  So I wound it off onto my swift, and counted the number of revolutions. Turned out the first skinny strand was 40 turns of the swift, the second one was 60, and the third (fattest) one was 30.  But, I [...]

October 8, 2012|

Rank Amateur

I am a crap spinner.  No, really.  Crap.  I have no skill.  I have put in very little practice.  My approach to date has been 'pretend...I'm sure if I just pretend, I'll grasp it by instinct without the application of any effort.'  So far, not much success, but it is amusing.  This usually does not bother me much.  One of the benefits of this method is that I don't spend any time spinning, so my deficiencies don't have much opportunity to trouble me. But this Saturday I decided to clean out the stash.  One of the things uncovered in the [...]

October 7, 2012|

Well Dressed Pumpkin

Why yes that is a pumpkin.  Three of them really.  Well, I'm not actually sure if the white one or the green one are technically pumpkins, but they're playing the role of pumpkin for me this year.  And yes they're still on the porch.  As far as I'm concerned the pumpkins can reasonably hang out on the porch and be considered 'festive decorations' rather than 'signs of terrible yard maintenance habits' until Thanksgiving weekend or until the squirrels devour them -- whichever comes first. Why do you ask?  Oh, you were surprised about the neck warmer on the pumpkin.  Well, [...]

November 9, 2010|


See those dots?  Those giant, fluffy, white dots? Those are snow flakes. There are not many of them there in the picture (it turns out there is a distinct limit to how long I'm willing to stand barefoot in the snow in my pajamas waiting for snow flakes to alight upon my knitting in a picturesque fashion), but quite a few in the yard.  It's our first snow of the winter and it's a good one.  It's coming down hard as I type this.  The grass is covered and it's starting to stick to the sidewalks.  I wholeheartedly approve.  I [...]

November 6, 2010|
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