Stochastic KAL

Ok, ok so you folks like one! And the good folks at Gauge Dye Works are awfully accommodating. So between us all, I think we might be able to pull off a very mellow, very chill, very (very very) unstructured knitalong. Here's the bit where I say I normally get squirrely about knitalongs because if they have too many rules, they start to feel like homework.  And I super don't want my knitting to feel like homework thank you very much indeed. So we will keep this as mellow and unstructured as humanly possible.  But, if what you're wanting is [...]

January 26, 2022|

Preemptive answers

Ok, how about a general Q&A post about the upcoming pattern! 1) It's coming out Tuesday (standard disclaimer, about assuming no massive catastrophe befalls me or mine between now and then goes here)! Make sure you're on the mailing list if you want me to email you with a coupon when it comes out. 2) Yarn is specially dyed by Gauge Dye Works just for this pattern, and she's got it up for sale now! One skein will make one hat in any size (I made a tall one for my giant 24.75" head and had plenty left over). 3) [...]

January 19, 2022|


Am I doing something just the tiniest bit extra with the blocking on one or two of these? Why yes, yes I am. Do you have to do it to? Um, no. No I do not expect anyone else to be quite this enthusiastic. In the interest of full disclosure, even I am not this enthusiastic and I will not be doing this to every blippy on the hat when I block it. But I had one or two spots that would benefit from a bit of extra persuasion, and I know I can't actually be the most particular person in [...]

January 18, 2022|

Moral obligations

Ahem. Why yes. Yes I think that will do nicely!⁠ I'm pretty sure I'm morally obligated to get pictures of the crowns of all three of these and show them off to you in quick succession so you can tell me which one is your favorite.⁠ But now, just for today, I think perhaps we can just revel in how spiffy this one is, don't you?⁠ I'll put together a big Q&A post for these hats later this week, but for now, all you need to know is that they're damn nifty and they're coming soon!

January 17, 2022|

Stave off

I believe when last we visited with this hat, I was using it to stave off the despair caused by the whole Snow + Cold + January + Dark + Pandemic + Broken Heat situation. ⁠ And while I'm not quite sure that's a fair burden to put on a sweet little hat, I can report that the sun is setting several minutes later, the primary heating system in my house is currently working, and it is not snowing. ⁠ So I'm calling it a win.⁠ Details on the pattern release are coming soon, make sure you're on the mailing [...]

January 16, 2022|

Wants and needs

What do I want to do today? Knit on this...knit on this and revel in each and every single little burst of color on this gray cold day.⁠ What do I need to do today? Boring accounting stuff to get ready for taxes. But oh, oh when I'm done, I have an appointment with this!⁠ It'll be out soon, do that thing where you're on the mailing list if you want to hear when it is. (And folks, I'm fond of you, I am! But between the rules on spam and the rules of my mail provider, I really do need [...]

January 6, 2022|


And there's the pair of them, all shiny and done. ⁠ Just as a little reminder, the pattern will be out early in the new year (assume all the standard 'as long as no giant catastrophes befall me or mine between now and then' disclaimers go here, because good grief but the world feels prone to catastrophe right now).⁠ There will be several different variations in the pattern (probably three...I must exercise some semblance of restraint).⁠ The yarn is a special bit of magic from Gauge Dye Works (and you should absolutely go check them out for the details, because [...]

December 31, 2021|


Ahhhh, see, isn't that nice? I could really go for whatever the people version of blocking is. The relaxing soak and gentle primping parts, not so much the soaking in cold water for an hour and being left to dry in front of the space heater part. Just a little something to smooth out the rough spots.

December 30, 2021|


Ahem. I told you it was going to be good. Now hang on just one second and I'll block it, which will make it Even Better (no, really, I am a seething ball of stress and rage and despair, and I can see it in my stitches, but a nice soak evens all sorts of things right out, you'll see). ⁠ Just as a reminder, this should be the first pattern of the new year. I'm using a magic yarn from Gauge Dye Works that does pretty much all the work for you (though I'll have instructions for how to [...]

December 29, 2021|
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