Ahem. So, that hat? That extremely mellow hat I've been happily working away on? The first project EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME where I haven't really minded the big stretches of stockinette (look, I have a short attention span, stockinette does not always hold my focus)? Uh huh, well here's why I love it. When you come to the tiny stretches of color, you stop knitting stockinette and instead you Do A Fancy Thing! Just right there. In the middle of that vast field of plain stitches. You don't count. You don't follow a chart. You just notice 'oh, [...]

November 1, 2021|

Early days

So, I'm going to show you this project a little sooner than I usually would, because there's going to be a point in the project where at least some of you are going to go I Want To Make That, and I want to give you time to get the fancy pants magic yarn in time for the pattern to come out.⁠ And we'll talk about that at some length when that time gets closer. I super duper promise we will. But we're not there quite yet (but seriously, go start lowkey haunting Gauge Dye Works' page so you hear [...]

October 14, 2021|

Mailorder happiness

Remember that thing I said about how having good mail waiting for you in the post when you get back from a terrible trip can save the day? Yeah, well this is extremely good mail. No really, this is wind it up, cast it on, and let it take all your troubles away yarn. ⁠ It's the only thing I've felt like knitting on in weeks, and I cannot wait to show you what it does (no, seriously, the yarn knows tricks...I can't say any more than that quite yet, but it's astonishingly clever yarn and you're going to love [...]

October 13, 2021|
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