Maybe Not

I'm not sure the park was the answer.  Now the walk was nice, and posing the tentacles proved alarmingly entertaining.  They enjoyed their trip to the park, and I very much enjoyed the perplexed expressions on the faces of the various onlookers as I posed the tentacles and photographed them.  But really, I think they might be an indoor sort of prop.  Either that, or I am just too easily entertained and I want an excuse to keep playing with them.  Or possibly there was some sort of traumatic giant spider/disgusting slug incident I don't want to talk about.  Either [...]

September 21, 2011|

A Squirm?

My camera battery is charging as I type this.  Once it's done, I'll pop it back in my camera (no really, this part is important, if I forget it, I swear a lot), put my camera in its bag, and walk to the park.  While in the bag, my camera will be keeping company with a whole passel of tentacles (what is the collective noun for tentacles?  a grip of tentacles? a slither? a squirm?).  I'm going to the park to try and find somewhere to snap a few shots of them. Well, that, and to ensure that I actually [...]

September 21, 2011|

Well Dressed Pumpkin

Why yes that is a pumpkin.  Three of them really.  Well, I'm not actually sure if the white one or the green one are technically pumpkins, but they're playing the role of pumpkin for me this year.  And yes they're still on the porch.  As far as I'm concerned the pumpkins can reasonably hang out on the porch and be considered 'festive decorations' rather than 'signs of terrible yard maintenance habits' until Thanksgiving weekend or until the squirrels devour them -- whichever comes first. Why do you ask?  Oh, you were surprised about the neck warmer on the pumpkin.  Well, [...]

November 9, 2010|

Seeking Balance

Real tentacles are damn scary.  I think tentacle-bedecked sea creatures are among the creepiest things out there -- worse than bugs, far worse than snakes.  Go look at pictures of squid and octopus and cuttlefish and see if you don't get a case of the screaming heebie-jeebies.  If that doesn't work, read about giant squid.  Guaranteed sea monster dreams for weeks, at least if your brain runs along the same lines as mine. Knitting, on the other hand, sometimes has a certain tendency to lean toward the overly cute.  Certainly not all knitting.  Maybe not even most knitting.  But there [...]

November 5, 2010|

Tick Marks

The good thing about a fit of profligate casting on is that you can have a whole host of projects that are mere minutes from completion.  Last night I finished off the socks for Heather's book.  I can't show you much, but I can give you a tiny peek of the toes just to prove they're done (still wet, still on the blockers, but done).  They're in Briar Rose's Grandma's Blessing lovely blue/brown/green color the name of which is forever lost to me as it isn't listed on the tag.  It's also from one of their 450 yard put [...]

November 4, 2010|

Bits and Pieces

Having the furnace on is lovely.  It is definitely warmer with the furnace on, but it's not exactly warm.  We have an old house (built in 1920), and it has the original windows and absolutely no insulation in the walls.  We love it, it's beautiful, but it is more than a bit drafty.  We also have an old furnace.  It's not quite as old as the house, but is still rather elderly as these things go.  The combination of old furnace and drafty house means the gas bill gets rather staggering if we set the heat above about 58.  So [...]

November 3, 2010|

I Really Meant It

Yes, tentacles.  Grabby, twisty, vaguely menacing tentacles.  I strongly recommend you don't knit your own.  They're maddeningly addictive.  You'll need at least three, likely more (I'm hoping I'll be able to call it quits at five, but I'm by no means certain).  You'll find yourself peering at your leftover bits of yarn going hmm, are you a sea-monster shade? So far they've been shown to entertain me (not that challenging really), The Boy, the kittens, various other knit-susceptible friends, and a marauding three year old who wandered by.  I've chosen to keep mine in the little charging caddy I have [...]

August 22, 2010|

A Scandalous Absence

I know.  It was a shameful lapse.  It came without warning.  It lasted too long.  It's just been that kind of week around here.  There hasn't been any one dramatic upheaval, just lots of little unexpected changes.  It's just been...busy.  Alas, not that satisfying kind of busy where at least you feel like you're getting lots of things accomplished.  Nope.  Instead it's been that really infuriating kind of busy where you feel like you're working crazy hard just to keep up.  And, perhaps worst of all from your perspective, it's the kind of busy that doesn't lend itself to knitting.  [...]

August 21, 2010|
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