Yup, still busy bringing the early patterns back out of hibernation!  Today, it's time for Whippersnapper. I won't lie, these are not hard socks.  They're basically just a pretty rib with a bit of fancy stitch work in a few of the columns.  But sometimes, well sometimes that's just what you need!  You'll have them memorized in no time, and the resulting sock is undeniably dapper. I made mine in a thicker yarn (Plucky Knitter Primo Aran) at 7 stitches per inch, but it's one of those patterns you could easily make at 8 or 9 stitches per inch (if [...]

May 5, 2015|

More or Less a Sock

The weekend saw some serious sock progress.  The lonely sock now has about 2/3 of a mate (just down past the gusset).  I feel there should be some sort of tasteless joke in there, but I'll leave filling it in as an exercise for the reader. For today, I'll take the opportunity to let Lauren of  Ruthie Pearl and Sue of Adlerwood Quilts know they've won the Plucky Knitter yarn (I've emailed both to ask for a mailing address). Now, if I could, I'd send yarn to all of you.  I can't, but I can give you patterns.  So, from [...]

August 6, 2012|


This was supposed to happen Tuesday, but it's ready now and I'm not the patient type, so I've jumped the gun and done it today. Both the weather and The Boy proved exceptionally agreeable, and many photos were taken.  While the sorry state of our yard is usually something of a shame to me, this time it turned out to be quite convenient.  There were plenty of piles of leaves to serve as handy backdrops.  And our decrepit and alarmingly mossy fence cheerfully lent its services as well (I'm really not sure how it's still standing, but I'm not going [...]

November 21, 2011|


The gray socks are done and blocked.  Tomorrow, if the weather and The Boy are agreeable, I'll get pictures (The Boy is generally agreeable, it's the weather that I have suspicions about).  Look for the pattern some time around Tuesday of next week.  Meanwhile, I'm going to do something scandalous and take the weekend off from the magical intarwebs.  I have a suspicion the world will continue without me, but scientific inquiry dictates I double check just to be sure.  If it turns out I was wrong and the world does end, consider me properly apologetic.

November 18, 2011|

Doing the Math

A tiny bit of calculation has revealed that the current pair of socks will, when finished, be made up of about 14,400 stitches.  A further bit of calculation has revealed that I've got about 1,550 stitches left to go before I finish the second sock.  This means I am about 89% done.  Really, it's three inches and a toe.  It's three hours of knitting.  So why in the world is it taking me so long to do?  And does anyone else figure out how many stitches are in a project and obsessively track how much you've finished?

November 15, 2011|
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