Ok, I shall brave the controversy. What's your preferred level of marshmallow toast?⁠ I personally go toward the middle row, right hand side, but I realize tastes vary. The true test for me is 'how melty is the inside.' ⁠ I prefer my marshmallow innards absolutely molten, with the outside being as lightly toasted as possible while still getting all the way hot and melted inside. Though I fully realize this is a precarious balancing act at best and requires more attention than I can usually be expected to muster while sitting around a camp fire. Now you, what's your [...]

November 10, 2023|

All The Things

So when I say Block All The Things...I do indeed mean All The Things. Even the tiny ones!⁠ Now, is this strictly necessary? I mean literally nothing about two inch tall mittens is at all necessary, so obviously not.⁠ But does it make them look better? Yup. It really does. Especially on teeny tiny things, the little irregularities from one stitch to the next that just happen with everyone's knitting can really stand out. And blocking smooths those right out.⁠ Plus it takes all of 60 seconds (hold them in your hand under the faucet, squeeze them a couple times [...]

November 9, 2023|

Pre soak

Unblocked (yes, I will block them, yes, it will make a difference in how they look, yes, even for something so tiny), but done enough to confirm that they are, indeed, adorable. Though not as adorable as they'll be after a brief soak and priming session.

November 8, 2023|

Deeply Personal

I would never dream of telling anyone how toasted to take their marshmallow. That is a deeply personal matter and something only you can decide. But I will tell you the best way I've found to simulate various levels of toasting on your knitted marshmallows. The secret seems to be floof. Laceweight floof. Several different shades of laceweight floof. These are all made with the same base yarn (you can see it on the right there). It's some sort of thick, fluffy, marshmallow colored delight from Juniper Moon Farm (the tag is nowhere to be found, I have no idea [...]

November 7, 2023|


Hold up...first we need a second mitten... Again, these are tiny. Not 'small child' tiny. Oh no. These are 'fits on my smallest finger' tiny. 'I'm going to block them on the handle of a butter knife' tiny. 'I'm weirdly tempted to see if I can fit a tube of lip balm inside the two of them end to end, but I don't think there's actually room' tiny. They are itty bitty and serve no function at all. Yet I find them somehow enchanting. There's no accounting for taste.

November 6, 2023|

Baser tendencies

Many lovely people who like the fingerless mitts but prefer mittens: "You should knit mittens!" Me, who knows my own baser tendencies when it comes to heeding the letter vs spirit of a request: "Oh, maybe some day..." I cannot over emphasize how tiny this is. Like an inch across, maybe two inches tall. I can get my pinky finger in there, but only if I give it a little wiggle.

November 4, 2023|

Sneaky ends

It can be tricky to weave in your ends when you can't get to the back of your fabric to hide them. This video over on instagram shows how I handle it. It works perfectly (so well that it can actually be tricky to find them if you ever need to open it back up in the future). The marshmallows should be out later this month (probably around the 14th, it mostly depends on when I manage to get pictures). It won't be for sale, so I'd make sure you're the mailing list if you need some of your own!

November 3, 2023|
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