Why Knitters Drink

Allow me to demonstrate: For the conveniently sized bottles for blocking of course.  Whatever were you thinking?  That's a blueberry liqueur and a cranberry liqueur bottle from Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (anybody around there?  Please go try the rum for me.  We had a taste when we were there in 2010, but it wasn't ready to buy, and I'mstill longing for it.)

October 10, 2012|

Grave Concerns

Ya'll are awesome.  You really are.  You answer my questions and give me yarn tips and read my ramblings and make my socks.  Generally speaking, you are a wise and helpful bunch.  But some among you have recently caused me to have some grave concerns. You seem unnaturally interested in the stick I dragged home from some far-flung beach.  I have come to terms with my odd fascination with rocks and sticks.  It's a long-standing affliction.  The trunk of The Boy's car usually has a few finds rattling around it.  I expect better from you though. You've asked for pictures.  [...]

September 22, 2010|

Unintended Restraint

The plan was to just get whatever I wanted.  I really don't buy much yarn, I use what I buy (and the accountant swears it's a business expense), and yarn is a better souvenir than a postcard.  I intended to indulge.  Apparently giving yourself permission to buy it all ahead of time is some sort of counter-intuitive way to insure self restraint. We only visited two yarn stores.  The first was Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay.  There I got the Hand Maiden Casbah (over there on the far left).  I've been a fan of Casbah for a long time.  [...]

September 21, 2010|

Strike A Pose

Sunday morning it was time to head back to Halifax.  We corralled our stuff (somehow it had rather spread out after four days at the cabin) and cleaned up the kitchen (making grill soup in the dark being a surprisingly messy endeavor).  But before we could leave, we had a small situation to deal with.  Or, more precisely, a large situation.  The true size of the stick had finally sunk in.  Plans to mail it had been abandoned.  We would have needed to construct a serious box and have a long conversation with the post office staff.  Things were closed [...]

September 19, 2010|

Pleased To Meet You

We had plenty of warning.  We knew Earl was coming and so had decided to stay in on Saturday.  In the days before, we had visited two yarn stores, a book store, a game store, a grocery store, and two distilleries.  We were well provisioned. We spent the morning in the water, then dried off and made breakfast (french toast of course).  By noon, it was getting blustery.  Some time around two, I stepped outside to try and get a picture.  Even standing on the porch under a substantial roof, I was thwarted by blowing rain.  You can just make [...]

September 16, 2010|

Hit the Beach

Since we had driven up the western side of the Cabot Trail on Thursday, we thought we'd check out the eastern side on Friday.  Before we set out, we took advantage of the clear weather and the dock at our cabin to take the final photos of Socky.  He very much enjoyed his dip, he encountered no sea monsters, and he was promptly rinsed out (salt water not being good for wool) as soon as we went back inside. The highlight of the drive was Black Brook Beach.  Now it seems that 'beach' means something a bit different around these [...]

September 12, 2010|

A Surprisingly Knitterly Place

Being now armed with a toe, Socky felt ready to venture out on more explorations.  Having enjoyed Ironworks Distillery on Wednesday, he was interested in finding another similar facility.  Before we set out to locate such a place, we decided to stop in to the grocery store.  You see, a hurricane was coming.  Earl had decided he really wanted to visit with us, and he was willing to come all the way to Nova Scotia to do it.  He was due to arrive Saturday, so we thought we'd lay in some provisions.  We were staying in a lovely little cabin, [...]

September 10, 2010|

Purely Medicinal

After Tuesday's trying experience with the rocks and sea monsters, Socky was a bit out of sorts.  Luckily, there was a facility nearby that had just the cure for his ills. The Ironworks Distillery was, by happy coincidence, conveniently located just down the street from our lodgings in Lunenberg.  We were able to stop in and get a wee restorative sip for him (it doesn't take much when you're a sock).  So as not to be rude, we picked up a bottle or four for ourselves.  I can officially recommend the vodka, and I am nigh on heartbroken that the [...]

September 5, 2010|


I have found the coolest stick in the (admittedly rather long and illustrious) history of sticks.  It is twisty and gnarly and has funny colored bits and spots for critters to hide, which is all well and good.  But, and this is what makes it the coolest stick ever, it also has rocks.  About a half dozen of them.  They're somehow embedded into the stick at a variety of spots.  One of them is bigger than my fist.  I have a long-standing fondness for rocks, and if you combine them with sticks, the niftyness is nigh on unbearable. I'm trying [...]

September 3, 2010|
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