Decisions, Decisions

So, I've got finished knitting, I've got finished patterns, all I need is photos.  Luckily, I've also managed to flee my snowy, freezing home and come somewhere a bit warmer (not warm mind you, I'm still walking around bundled up in woolies, just warmer).  Looks a bit like this. Even luckier, I actually managed to bring the knitting in need of a photo shoot (on the theory that it might be easier to find a spot to take pictures here than at home).  I intend to press my willing victim into service and get two patterns worth of pictures while [...]

January 28, 2015|

Rescue Mission

While I did not buy any yarn at Rhinebeck, I did get myself two little treats.  One was the blanket I told you about back in October (and which I continue to adore).  The other was a purse from Julia Hilbrandt.  I love it, it is just the right size and totally my style.  It's gotten tons of compliments, and it goes with more or less everything I own.  It's perfect, and it's driving me mad. The bag is made of industrial felt with leather handles.  After about a two weeks of carrying it, it started to get a few [...]

December 27, 2014|

Wrap up

So, the pillow is approaching its end, and I find myself with a question. I began with Judy's Magic Cast On, which let me get all my stitches on the needles and ready to start knitting in a nice, tidy, seamless fashion.  If I were working with a sturdier wool (ie, not pencil roving), I would just kitchner the sides together when I was ready to bind off.  But, kitchner (where you have to drag your working yarn through each stitch two times) is too taxing for this pencil roving.  It won't take the stress of all that tugging. So, [...]

September 18, 2014|

Where Do Your Toes Start?

Well, not so much your actual, personal toes.  I'm assuming those start towards the end of your feet.  I more mean where do your sock toes start.  I ask because the yellow socks are looking a lot like this: That's the point where I have to try them on every two or three rows to see if it's time to do the toes.  For my feet, I'm happiest if I start the first round of toe decreases just as the sock reaches the tip of my smallest toe (so I need about another half inch or so on this one).  [...]

December 12, 2013|

Pin Me Down

So let's talk about blocking. You know those stitches that just, by their nature, don't want to lie flat?  The ones that have a bit of ripple and curve to them?  Yeah.  There are a few ways you can go with them.  You can force them flat when you block, or you can exaggerate the the waves.  I think both can be fun, but what about you guys.  Would you freak out if the blocking instructions wanted you to do this? You'd need either several (oh, maybe 12?) straight needles or a set of blocking wires or some super skinny [...]

August 15, 2013|

Advance Planning

Next month is going to be busy.  It's the good sort of busy.  Actually it's two good sorts of busy, first the super productive slightly frantic sort, then the relaxed chill sort.  It should all be fun, but it does require a bit of advance planning. So, I'm polling the collective here.  First, any must know tips for Rhinebeck?  I'm going (yay), and it's my first one, and I want to be sure to do it right.  Second, any marvelous yarn shops in Maine I should know about?  Maine's big, and we'll be staying on the coast, so nothing too [...]

September 27, 2012|

Creepy Crawlies

The hat is going to have a wee flipped up bit at the brim.  I had initially planned to hold this in place with a button.  But the more I play with it, the more I want the hat to be reversible.  That means a button won't really work so well.  A pin or a brooch would work much better.  Now of course I'm happy to try and track down something cool (oh etsy, your siren song draws me in every time), but I'm also a fan of the use what you have approach.  Alas, I'm not really a brooch [...]

October 26, 2011|

Your Turn

I'm meeting with the photographer for Book the Second on Thursday.  We'll be having a planning meeting, wandering the halls of our photo shoot location, and generally plotting how to make this book extra awesome. I have my list of 'things to ask' and 'things to insist upon.'  But I'm sure there's something I'm overlooking.  After all, this organize and execute a book thing is still new to me. So here's where you come in.  I've got two questions for you. First, what do you always wish you could tell the photographers of your knitting books?  Is there something you [...]

September 26, 2011|
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