Never ending swatches

Ok, we did swatches parts one and two already, let's see if we can't fit the last three all in at once! I want all the bonus points for reblocking this swatch so I could take a decent photo of it for you. Yarn is Chickadee by Quince and Co in the color Angelica. What I probably should have done is shown you blocked and unblocked versions of this swatch.  For you see, this stitch pattern looks...ah...shall we say indistinct in it's unblocked state? That's a polite word for it, right?⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ But...the good news here is that when you [...]

October 31, 2019|

Sneaky tricks

The slipper has been cast on and shaping up rather nicely.  I do find something about this way of building a slipper rather marvelous! If you look very very very closely, you may notice a sneaky little trick.  That bottom needle?  The one holding the stitches that will go under my heel?  It's different than the other two. This yarn (chickadee by Quince) doesn't have any nylon.  And while it does seem lovely and sturdy, I wanted to do just a tiny bit extra to make the bottom of the slipper (the part that will get the most wear) a [...]

October 13, 2016|

More slippers

Yeah, I know I just put a slipper pattern out.  You'd think that would mean my slipper lust was slaked for the time being.  But no...I need more. I've got a very particular cable in mind that will work perfectly for slippers, and I think I have just the yarn for it.  Lovely, isn't it? It's Quince's Chickadee in Honey, for anyone wondering, and it's delightful stuff!

October 11, 2016|

Pelagic (plus giveaway)

You know that skein of beautiful, multi-color sock yarn you just couldn't resist? And then it turned out you didn't know quite what to do with it?  I totally figured it out.  Pelagic is what you do with it! First you grab a slightly heavier, solid-color yarn to pair with it.  Then you bring them together in just the right way, the solid-color yarn keeping things orderly while the multi-color gets to be just as wild as it wants! Here I've got Chickadee by Quince & Co playing the role of respectable solid-color yarn (Kumlien's Gull), and Meridian by Seven [...]

September 6, 2016|


So you know those itty bitty twisty cables? The ones that are so tidy and perfect and downright methodical that you just sort of turn yourself over to them and go happily along for the ride?  Yeah, that's what Enchase are all about! And, full disclosure, tiny cables like this can be just a bit fiddly, at least until you get the hang of them.  You'll probably have to look at the chart from time to time, especially in the beginning.  But oh, oh it's worth it.  Look how lovely that is.  You really could not ask for anything more. [...]

July 5, 2016|


This really has more or less just fallen off the needles.  It was faster than it has any right to be (even if it is only a tiny bit of knitting).  The first one has now had a proper blocking and had its ends all tidily tucked away. Number two is off the needles (and here is shamelessly showing off its insides...which really I think are rather nifty) and waiting for its turn to be blocked. And speaking of blocking, I've found the easiest way to do these is actually over the top of a one liter water bottle.  Depending [...]

June 5, 2016|

That will do nicely

You know that's teeny tiny, right? Yes, I do, and I'm also pretty sure it's the highest joy to stitch count ratio of any project ever. And you know  not everyone is as fascinated with flared cuffs as you are, right? Nonsense. And even if it were true, the only way to help them learn is through constant exposure. So it's probably best to just back away quietly and let you knit the second one isn't it? Now you're learning...

May 31, 2016|


I should have stopped being amused by this combination about half way through the hat.  I did not.  I remain completely and unapologetically amused and delighted. I'll let you know if the fascination wanes (or, more likely, if the yarn runs out).  But for now, I'll be over here doing this.

May 29, 2016|

Hat of Infinite Happiness

Right, so you know how pretty much all knitting is lovely and fun and a good thing? But then there's some knitting that is just Your Personal Perfect Knitting?  Yeah, so this is mine. The top is just the way I like the tops of my hats to be (flat, which leads to a tiny bit of pouf but not unseemly amounts of slouch). It fits my (giant melon of a) head just right, with just the right amount of brim but not too much (a tricky dance, and one no store bought hat ever manages). And the colors.  Oh [...]

May 24, 2016|
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