No Fooling

Though largely immune to the charms of April Fools' Day, I do make one exception. The tinier bits of nonsense are half off, but just for today (oh and a couple of my favorite retired tiny bits miiiiiight also have come back for the occasion, also just for today). There is, alas, not a super great way to link you to all of them in one place.* But if you wander over to ravelry or payhip, I suspect you'll be able to figure it out! Use NO FOOLING in either place. It'll work through the end of the day (today, [...]

April 1, 2024|

All Year Long

I'm trying a little experiment.  From now through the end of the year, you can get 15% off anything in my ravelry shop with the code ALL YEAR LONG.  If you use that code, you'll also get a series of 6 emails from me (one every other month, starting in February and running through 2016), each with some sort of special discount or sale. I'm not saying what they'll be just yet, but they will only be available to folks who use the code now.  They'll be our little secret, and I won't be sending them to the regular mailing [...]

December 28, 2015|

Indie Gift-a-Long

I know, I know.  Two posts in one day, what is the world coming to?  But this is just a super quickie.  I'm dashing in to mention that the Indie Gift-a-Long starts tonight on ravelry. What's the Gift-a-Long you ask?  The short version is I, and hundreds of other designers, have picked some of our very favorite designs and put them all on sale.  You can see the 20 patterns I have on sale right here, and you can get 25% off them with the code: giftalong2014 The slightly longer version (the one that explains all the games and prizes [...]

November 13, 2014|

Older than you’ve ever been…

I have, once again, gotten older.  It seems to keep happening.  So far, I'm liking it.  I'm spending the day checking out new breakfast joints, making eggnog, and playing board games.  I hope you're doing things you love just as much.  And, on the off chance one of those things is knitting, I'm having a birthday sale. Now through December 27, 11:59pm eastern time, buy one pattern get one free.  To take advantage: 1) Visit my ravelry store find 2 things you like, and put them in your ravelry cart (be sure you're using the add to cart button, not [...]

December 23, 2013|

Thanksgiving Sale

I've been told I should have a Thanksgiving sale.  Since I'm nothing if not obliging, I thought I'd do just that.  How about some details! From now through the end of the day on Tuesday, all my downloadable patterns are on sale.  You can get 10% off 1 item, 15% off 2 items, or 20% off 3 or more items.  It’s good for everything in my ravelry shop...individual patterns, small sets, and yes, even the books (Thanksgiving is the only time the e books are ever included in a sale). Here’s how it works: 1) Go to my Ravelry shop, [...]

November 27, 2013|

Ne’er-Do-Well Knits

May I present Ne'er-Do-Well Knits: Make a Little Trouble. You guys have watched the patterns in this one come together over the last year or so, and you have not been shy about asking when they would be out (especially those cabled socks on the front, they seem to be a fave).  I kept saying 'fall' and 'soon,' and you were very gracious about waiting.  Well there's no need to wait any more.  You can get the book now. I am doing a little preorder, but it's only for three days.  During those three days, you'll get three dollars off [...]

October 1, 2013|

Knitty Pattern, Plus Sale!

Having a pattern in knitty is a funny thing.  You spend a long time knowing it's coming (but not being allowed to talk about it), you know it will be great fun, but you never know quiiiiite when it will happen.  That's the state I was in for the last several weeks, but after yesterday, the waiting is officially over.  May I present Deflect. These were actually my dad's birthday socks last year.  I finished them while The Boy and I were in Maine in October, and then shamelessly pressed The Boy into modeling them for a little photo shoot [...]

September 12, 2013|

Easier than Expected

Well, that went even better than expected.  The postman took all those packages (I harbored doubts...I imagined him taking one a day for the next few years or something equally dreadful).  But no, they all went!  I'll be putting out more packages today and Friday, and then they'll all be shipped! And, because someone will come say 'but I didn't know!' on Saturday and I'll feel terribly guilty, here is the very last reminder.  Preorders end tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning.  As soon as I set the last package on the porch and have a cup of tea, I'll come up here [...]

May 23, 2013|


As I write, we're about 4 hours (and 4 inches) into a nice proper snowstorm.  (The picture was taken yesterday when the porch was free of snow.  At the moment, it's rather a lot more snow-covered out there, and I feel no obligation at all to go out and document it for you.  You'll have to use your imaginations instead.)  I'll be alright though, as I have a lovely and hugely warm new hat.  See? That, plus a bit of work on The Boy's sock, was all my knitting over the birthday/holiday weekend.  The rest of the time was spent [...]

December 26, 2012|
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