Not at all convincing

So you, who are doubtless a paragon of good taste, probably like the cork versions better. I, however, find myself increasingly susceptible to the charms of the absurdly sparkly.⁠ I'd pretend to be sorry, but I wouldn't be at all convincing about it.⁠ And I suspect at least a few of you are with me on team sparkle.⁠ What do you say, does one or the other grab you more?

October 6, 2023|


Right, so I told you yesterday there were three versions of this. For I am not known for my restraint. You've got the original, which is sort of secretly my favorite because it has big 'shiny new folder at the start of the school year' vibes and I am just super susceptible to new school supply magic. Then there's one with a super deep pocket to keep stuff like stitch markers in. And then there's a great big one for things like DPNs or interchangeable tips or hooks or whatever else your clever little soul desires. And then of course [...]

October 5, 2023|


Can I promise that, if you make a stack of these, you will always know where your scissors (and needles, and stitch markers, and cable needles, and tape measure) are? I mean no, I can't in good conscience do that. I try not to lie to you. But I do think it will improve your odds! And at least if they're in one of these, then if your tools do go missing, you'll know they're off having an adventure together and no one will be lonely. I kind of love these. Like more than I usually love the absurd things [...]

October 4, 2023|

Slightly more sedate

Oh oh oh! I fiiiiinally found a cork fabric that makes a version of the needle books I like! I know not everyone is quite as enamored of the sparkle pony glitter plastic as I am (though really, I also know damn well I'm not the only one who loves it). But all of the other things I'd found had been disappointing in some way, and all the other cork fabric I'd found tended to flake and crack when you folded it. But I was at my local fabric shop with a friend, and she spotted this, and it just...behaves [...]

September 23, 2023|

Remind me

"Remind me what you do for a job again?" "Uuuuum...huh. Well. So you's complicated."⁠ (whispers: but also super fun)⁠ What I'm actually doing here is working up a version of the little needlebook to have a pocket for stitch markers, because everything is better with pockets.⁠ But it looks suspiciously like craft hour at the sparkle pony school for wayward toddlers with low impulse control.

August 26, 2023|
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