Yet more swatches

We're picking up where we left off last time and showing off more swatches for this year's book (which is coming in, checks watch, um, about three weeks). We'll start with this one. Yarn is Signature Sock Yarn by OnTheRound in the color Robin’s Egg. I am a sucker for cables. I like designing them. I like knitting them. I like wearing them. But...they can be sneaky little beasts. If you're going to put them on socks, you need to have a plan.⁠ ⁠ For you see, cables make your fabric less stretchy than stockinette or ribbing. And you sort [...]

October 28, 2019|

Swatches…so many swatches

It's high time I start showing off some of the bits and pieces for the upcoming book!  And for me, that means swatches.  So Many Swatches. Now, if I were cooler, I'd have this pinned out and under tension for you.  Because this is one of those stitches that just absolutely pops when it's stretched a bit (always a good choice for sock patterns, where you generally have a bit of negative ease).  But instead you'll just have to imagine me stretching it just a tiny bit and making cooing noises as I revel in the tiny twisted stitches and perfect lines.⁠ Yarn is [...]

October 21, 2019|

Show off some more

Ok, yarns part two (because I couldn't put all that pretty in just one post, you might die). This is Apex by Seven Sisters Arts in the color Water Nymph. Ok, something a little different here. We've got our old friend superwash merino, but instead of adding nylon or cashmere, this adds yak (yes, yak!) and silk. The silk is freakishly strong, so it helps do the functional work nylon would do, but it also adds a delightful sheen. And the yak is naturally darker in color than the wool, so the yarn is sort of gray before it's dyed. Which [...]

October 18, 2019|

Show off

So indulge me for a moment.  Let me show off some of the yarns from this year's book! My goodness but I do have a weakness for tiny little mini skeins (yes, yes I *do* make tiny little mini skeins of the book yarns for no reason other than to take pictures of them and share them on here...and no I do not think that's a bad idea at all). This is Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color White Buffalo. Meridian is an absolutely classic sock yarn. It's perfectly smooth and delightfully round, so you can work no [...]

October 17, 2019|
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