Oh hey, remember these? I totally do! Or, more specifically, I remember the terrible terrible plague I had while I knit them.  Their working title when I was knitting them was zombie socks (as I was at least half dead as I made them).  But truckle (which means to yield out of weakness) seemed a much more fitting official title! They're mostly plain stockinette.  There's just one pretty little decorated panel down the outside of the ankle (and even that is an easy-to-memorize pattern) to keep you entertained.  But the combination totally works and results in a sock that's easy to [...]

August 4, 2015|


I know, you've been waiting for these for awhile. You guys totally talked me in to doing them. They started out as my 'too sick to think' socks.  I really didn't think you would be interested in them, but it seems you like them! Of course the super-simple to knit socks turned out to be unexpectedly challenging to write up. Once the cold medicine-induced brain fog lifted, I got it figured out.  Lots of lovely folks helped me test them to be sure that the instructions were clear. Then, well, then I stuck them in my 'to be photographed' basket [...]

February 27, 2011|

More Tools of the Trade

So the other day you met Alphonse.  He's quite dapper, and makes a perfect house guest. Today I'm showing off some truly funky sock blockers. Now you know we've got some big feet in this house.  I wear a ladies' size 11, and The Boy wears a men's size 13.  These are big feet.  I decline to feel bad about this, as the size of a person's feet is more or less out of their control.  The only thing I felt bad about was the difficulty in vigorously blocking socks in these sizes.  I had a pair of wire blockers [...]

February 25, 2011|


Ice storms make for lovely knitting weather.  Noisy, but lovely. The second of the green swirly socks, henceforth to be known as Louche, is now underway.  Even more important, the scribbling, calculating, and doodling required to write the pattern has been completed.  I'll likely turn it from my chicken scratch into something someone else has a hope of reading and put it out for testers later this week. As a scheduling note, the pattern for Truckle is done and ready to go out, save only a picture.  Of course getting a picture requires me, plus The Boy, plus daylight, plus [...]

February 21, 2011|

Not A Jellyfish

I think I (scandalously) neglected to show you an on-the-head pic for the blue poufy hat.  Bowl shots more or less work for round hats, not so much for poufy hats.  We took a little stroll through a local park on Christmas and got pictures of the red hat and the blue hat and The Boy's hat. Apparently my hair is pretty much exactly the same color as leafless willow branches.  Who knew?  I'm still having some internal qualms about how to wear a poufy inclination is to send it off to the side, but the proper way seems [...]

December 29, 2010|

Uncharacteristically Productive

Finished things have just been falling off my needles.  I blame the hats.  They themselves are quick and easy, and they lead to mitts which are also quick and easy.  The basket that usually holds the half dozen or so projects in various stages of completion currently holds a mere two works in progress and a stack of things awaiting a photo day.  (Having a knitting site and selling patterns means that you don't just have to finish a knitted item before you can use it, you have to finish it and photograph it.  This can be very taxing if [...]

December 20, 2010|

Learning from my Mistakes

So a while back I casually mentioned, late on a Friday evening, that we were heading off to Pittsburgh the next day.  I asked for yarn store recommendations.  You guys were kind enough to provide them.  Then, in a fit of truly brilliant work, I didn't have a chance to check your helpful comments the next day because we were actually in Pittsburgh and my internet access was not what one might have hoped for.  It was not my most impressive move.  But, I am capable of learning from my mistakes, so I'm trying this with a bit more advance [...]

December 7, 2010|

Let’s Recap

So back on November 6 we got our first snow and I went a bit batty, as is proper and appropriate for the first snow.  Then it got oddly warm.  Freakishly warm.  Downright balmy.  Just look at the background in the pictures between then and now and note the bright green grass and total lack of snow.  Thankfully, that seems to have been remedied.  It's been snowing on and off for the last three days, and it shows no sign of stopping. Alas the snow does complicate getting pictures a bit.  The railing of my back porch is rather covered [...]

December 6, 2010|

Much Better

So it turns out the secret to pouf success (or at least to less obvious pouf failure) is rather extreme blocking.  I first blocked the hat on a plate.  This led to the aforementioned jellyfish incident.  The crease or line made by the edge of the plate was too close to the top of the hat, which made the band at the brim far too thick.  It was not flattering.  I think the theory was sound, and it might have worked with a larger plate, but I didn't have one handy. The second attempt involved a giant mixing bowl, much [...]

November 29, 2010|
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