The pattern for Greenhorn is up.  You've seen these as they grew, so I won't bore you with too many details.  The short version goes 'two sizes, mirrored left to right, nifty heel construction, worksheet to let you use the construction elsewhere.'  I like them, and you might too.  Go forth and knit before it gets too warm to wear wooly socks! Their fate on the color front is still undecided.  A few more washes has helped to equalize the color a bit.  I think I may hold off on the Kool-Aid extravaganza.  Of course now I'm terribly curious about [...]

April 7, 2010|

Up Next

Greenhorn should be out Wednesday or Thursday.  The socks are finished (you already knew that), the pattern is finished (you probably knew that too), and the testers are finished.  And let me assure you, these were tested out the wazoo.  I've had several people make each size and each side (left or right).  Don't be afraid of the new heel.  It will seem funny the first time you do it, but then again every new kind of heel you've ever  made seemed funny the first time you did it, right?  Don't lie.  You know it did.  This is no different, [...]

April 5, 2010|


Hmmmm.  Maybe it's not so bad. I suppose one doesn't generally hang socks side by side and stare intently at them.  At least I don't.  I tend to put them on my feet and go about my day.  And while my feet generally remain in fairly close proximity to each other, they don't actually spend a lot of time lined up awaiting examination. Maybe I can live with it.  If not, I'm now provisioned with a large supply of Kool-Aid packets in flavors that bear no resemblance to any fruit found in nature.

March 31, 2010|

Do You See That?

I tried to pretend it wasn't happening.  I tried hard.  But alas, I can no longer ignore it.  Look at those stripes.  On the left, big stripes on the top and little stripes on the bottom.  On the right, little stripes on the top and big stripes on the bottom. Also, and perhaps even more infuriating, the sock on the left is far brighter than the sock on the right.  I am displeased.  Rather amazingly displeased.  I could probably get past the striping thing, but the color is really throwing me. I'm considering washing the left sock a few extra [...]

March 30, 2010|

It’s Quiet…Too Quiet

I finished the Greenhorn socks on Sunday.  This, combined with my continuation of the knitting olympics finish-a-thon, means that I currently have no socks on the needles.  None.  Now sure I have a few single socks lingering in the back of the closet, but I have declared those 'showpiece socks,' socks I made to do the pattern rather than to do the socks themselves.  That's somehow different.  I'm good at justification, just let it go. So, what do I do in this oddly sockless state? Obviously, the book is one option.  Much progress has already been made on the book.  [...]

March 23, 2010|

And Yet More Testing

Lest you be worried I've abandoned socks (perish the thought), allow me to set your mind at ease.  I've got the newest sock, greenhorn, up for testing.  Click the picture for a much bigger version.  As usual, the place to volunteer is on Ravelry. I need several testers for these, as they come in two sizes and the left and right socks are mirror images of each other.  If you've got time to knit one sock over the next two(ish) weeks and want to get first crack at these (you know...while the pattern still has mistakes and lacks pretty pictures [...]

March 10, 2010|

Olympic Glory?

So I sort of did it, but only sort of.  The official goal was 'don't cast on any new projects.'  The unofficial goal (which seemed to follow rather naturally from the official goal) was 'get lots of stuff done.'  I totally met the first goal.  Despite severe temptation (we went to a fiber festival right at the beginning of the Olympics--this was not a plan designed to foster restraint), I didn't cast on anything new. Alas, I also didn't get quite as much done as I had hoped.  I did make some progress.  I finished a pair of secret socks, [...]

March 8, 2010|


Turns out that bit about 'when the snow lets up' was overly optimistic.  As far as I can tell the snow is never letting up.  It will continue forever.  Sled dogs and igloos are starting to sound eminently practical. I had grand plans for taking pictures of the blue mitts (adumbrate...I'm thinking they will be called adumbrate).  Alas, taking pictures of your own hands involves a substantial amount of fiddling around with the tripod, swearing, knocking the camera over, swearing, sitting still while the timer runs down, swearing, and just generally having a bad go of it.  I can barely [...]

February 27, 2010|


Things seemed to be going well.  Really they did.  It was a new (to me at least) way to make a gusset and it seemed to be going off without a hitch.  I finished the first Greenhorn and grafted the toes.  It was the prettiest and least fussy graft ever.  I should have known something was up.  I soaked it, blocked it, and hung it to dry.  I had tried it on several times during its construction, and had no reason to think anything was wrong. But there was. It pulled, just a little bit, right across the point where [...]

February 19, 2010|
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