Rampant (plus giveaway)

I am not the type to have any sort of holiday knitting plan.  I don't knit special things for Valentine's Day or Halloween or even Christmas, much less time my patterns to coincide with them.  So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that I was bringing Rampant, the greenest socks I've ever knit, back out on St. Patrick's day.  This is unnaturally good timing and very much not my usual move! One of the most fun things about bringing back old patterns is remembering what was happening when I knit them.  I knit these in the summer of [...]

March 17, 2015|


My longstanding love affair with Handmaiden's Casbah sock is well documented.  I've knit four pairs of socks with the stuff (Slant, Graupel, Rampant, and the as of yet unnamed socks), which is just about unheard of.  I can't think of any other yarn I've used for that many socks.  It's on my list of favorite fat sock yarns, and it's one of those yarns I like enough that I just sort of buy it whenever I see a skein I love (meaning there's a fair bit in my stash). Which is why I was a little worried when I was [...]

November 16, 2012|


The sock, it is not yet finished.  It was a productive weekend in lot of other ways though (if by productive you'll take 'relaxing' and 'enjoyable'), so I'll pretend I don't mind the delay.  This is, of course, a filthy lie and the delay is actually driving me bonkers.  But until we get that time machine sorted out, it will have to do. But, I do have the ability to start Monday out on a good note for at least two people, Brenda (goodstuff on rav) and Anna have won the Handmaiden from last week.  And, as a little goody [...]

August 13, 2012|

Bits and Pieces

There is absolutely no coherent theme to my life this week.  This means there is very little in the way of cohesion in the blog posts either.  Sorry guys, it's that sort of day week life.   So, in no particular order: Rabble Rousers is up on amazon now if you happen to feel a terrible itch to buy it there as opposed to from me directly (sometimes it's easier for folks overseas, so I like to have both options for everyone). The marvelous Carol Sulcoski has a review of Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet (plus one to give away) if you're [...]

August 10, 2012|

Rabble Rousers Giveaway, Take Three

Do you guys mind if I do this giving yarn away thing again?  I'm hoping not, because I'm having fun!  I've got a skein of Handmaiden Silk Twist to give away.  This is the yarn I used for the Tumult cowl in Rabble Rousers. I've loved Handmaiden (and their sister company, Fleece Artist) for just about as long as I've been knitting.  They were one of my very first 'grown up' yarn purchases (the stuff that comes from a yarn store instead of from a generic craft store), and theirs are still the yarns I'm most likely to bring home [...]

August 7, 2012|

Nearly Unheard Of

Shocking though it doubtless will be, I've actually done some knitting.  Yeah, real live actual knitting.  Not swatches, not double checking a fiddly bit for some giant upcoming project (I'm looking at you, next book...I'm looking at you with an evil squinty glare), not aimless yarn petting.  Knitting.  The sort where you start a project and then put in sustained time and effort and are slowly rewarded with demonstrable progress.  I'm thinking I like that series of events. It's the mate to the lonely sock I showed you the other day (cough, week, cough).  It's actually a bit taller than [...]

August 3, 2012|

Lest You Think I’d Stopped

So just because my dining room has been turned into shipping central (with an annex in my living room and another in my car) doesn't mean I've stopped knitting.  Though to be fair, the knitting has been slowed down a tiny bit.  If you lug hundreds of pounds of boxes around all day, turns out your arms are tired by the end of the day.  But, there is a wee bit of knitting to show, see? This is the reincarnation of the little mistake I showed you the other day.  I'm loving it, it's much better at this size.  And, [...]

June 9, 2012|


I feel a tiny bit bad that it's been so long since I've put out a pattern.  The last one was Chamfer in what, February?  Now to be fair, the e version of The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet did go live in March, so it's not like you've not got something to keep your needles busy.  But still, I'm used to putting out an individual pattern every month or so, and the longer time frame is making me a bit twitchy.  But never fear, it's all in the service of a bigger project! After seeing how much fun Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet [...]

May 16, 2012|

One Down

The Tumult cowl is off the needles and blocked.  I finished it up on the drive home from Maryland Sheep & Wool.  It's lovely and light and lacy.  It will look splendid on an actual human.  It looks less than splendid when laying on my back porch railing.  Alas, I'm not skilled enough (or perhaps it's brave enough) to take a picture of it on myself.  You'll have to make do with this for now.  I promise pretty pics when I next get a willing victim to play model!  

May 9, 2012|
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