Rather nifty

It occurs to me that I have not properly shown you the inside of these. And that's a shame, for the inside is...rather nifty.⁠ It's also quite different on the contrast color version (that's the teal/gold one) than on the solid color version (that's the blue/purple one). ⁠ And look, I knew the inside of the solid color one was pretty, so I expected the inside of the contrast color one to look cool too. But I did not expect THAT.⁠ And no, no I don't like the inside better than the front. But I do like it a whole [...]

October 19, 2023|

Constellate Hat & Mitts

I told you I wasn't ready to be done with these! And, given my firm conviction that accessories are more fun in sets, it should surprise absolutely no one that there are now mitts to match the hat. Though even I admit to being surprised by just how very much I adore them (it's the thumb increases, they're just so pretty I can hardly stand it). And of course I had to do them with both a solid color option and a contrast color option. Because once you see how nifty the contrast color option is, I don't see how [...]

October 17, 2023|

Never content

This is an absolutely blatant reminder that the mitts to match the Constellate hat are due out very soon (the plan is Tuesday, assuming the world doesn't do anything dastardly to me or mine between now and then). The hat's out now, but we all know I am never content with just a hat when I could have mitts to match! The yarn is one of Seven Sisters Arts' gradient color wheels and is, clearly, absolutely magical. Karen dyed up some extra of the teal/gold color here, so you might be able to snag one if you're so inclined!

October 12, 2023|

Crowning Glory

You know I can't resist a good crown!⁠ The first picture is the new Constellate variation (see how the fancy stitches are offset and on stockinette). The second picture is the original Constellate in a contrast color (see how they fancy stitches are all lined up on ribbing and looking shockingly sea urchin-esque). And the last one is the original Constellate in a single color (same as the second one, just a wee bit more subdued).⁠ I find them all hopelessly charming. Though to be fair, I tend to find almost every hat crown hopelessly charming. It's a known problem [...]

September 22, 2023|


Ok, let's walk through the differences on these (video version over on insta if you want to see me flop things about)! On the original Constellate, our little bit of fancy business is all stacked up nice and neat in columns and set against a ribbed background. And on the variation, that same little bit of fancy business is instead offset and set against a stockinette background.  The ribbed background on the original lends itself to a folded brim, and the stockinette background to a rolled brim. You can work either one with either one color straight through or with [...]

September 20, 2023|

Constellate (bonus version)

If you've been here for any time at all, you know I'm bad at restraint. I prefer exuberance and exploration and experimentation. I adore having time to play around and see where my whims take me. Which is how we ended up with this hat! I took Constellate, and the gorgeous little stitch it uses, and said 'huh, I wonder what would happen if...' Before I knew it, I had a very different version of the hat in my hands. And, since my lovely patrons are the ones who make it possible for me to spend time exploring things like [...]

September 19, 2023|

Bad at restraint

Did I mention about how I'm...not known for my restraint? Because there's sort of an accidental bonus version of this hat... Well, sort of. It's the same nifty fancy stitch as on Constellate, just offset and worked on stockinette instead of lined up in columns and worked on ribbing, and with a rolled brim instead of a folded brim. Because again, bad at restraint. And generally entranced by variations. That'll be going out on Patreon as a little bonus some time next week (you know, assuming this hurricane doesn't do anything nefarious to me/my house/my life this weekend). Because the [...]

September 15, 2023|

Which one?

Ok important questions here folks…single color or contrast color, which one is your favorite? I mean yes, picking a favorite feels like a crime, so perhaps it’s better to say which one do you want to make first. Because really, doing just one may prove surprisingly difficult! The pattern is Constellate and it’s up in all the usual places. The matching mitts will be coming soon. And there might sort of accidentally be another version of the hat headed out to folks on that other place here in the very near future. And it looks like you folks bought up [...]

September 13, 2023|


Constellate is out on both ravelry and payhip! But it really shouldn't be this pretty. It just shouldn't. Nothing this easy should look so impressive. Yet somehow, it does, and I find myself completely unwilling to argue with anything so delightful.⁠ Instead, I find myself inclined to play with it. So far that's meant experimenting with a two color version (which I love even more than the single color version, a feat I didn't think possible). Oh and being hopelessly entranced by the wrong side of the fabric (the wrong side on the two color version still leaves me wondering [...]

September 12, 2023|
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